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Nurse Parodies Adele’s “Hello”

Nurse Parodies Adele’s “Hello”

Haha Hello: What happens when a nurse parodies Adele’s “Hello”? Check out the video below!

Vocal powerhouse Adele’s latest track, “Hello,” has been a catchy earworm for many of us since its release. Not to mention the striking black and white video accompanying the song.

With popularity inevitably comes parody! Check out the fun that ensues when a nurse parodies Adele’s “Hello.” Stephanie Olmanni makes it about “the plight of the out-of-state California Board of Nursing applicant.”

She continues on her YouTube page:

“California is notoriously the most difficult state in the U.S. to attain licensure, with wait times of sometimes 3+ months before you can even sit down for the NCLEX exam! As a soon-to-be new grad, eager to begin working in the state I call home, I thought this would be a fun, cheeky way to express my frustration. Especially since it’s virtually impossible to get anyone from the Cali BON on the phone. ;)”


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