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Travel Nurse Company Rankings for 2015

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These Travel Nurse company rankings for 2015 can help you find the best agency and recruiter for your career!

Like a Top Ten roll call from the “Late Show with David Letterman” — but with much more value to those seeking an excellent company to travel with — the Travel Nurse resource site Highway Hypodermics has released its Travel Nurse company rankings for 2015.

The annual list of Travel Nurse company rankings for 2015 features a Top 10 and 10 more Honorable Mentions, based upon Traveler evaluations.

In order to be considered, each company must have a profile on the site that is no more than three years old, as well as at least 10 evaluations by Travelers (increased from a minimum of five evaluations required to be considered for last year’s list).

A press release from Highway Hypodermics called this year’s competition very tight, making all of the Top 10 and Honorable Mentions good bets, depending upon each Traveler’s specific needs. This list is a good jumping off point for Travelers and prospective Travelers to do their own personally relevant research in order to find the company and recruiter that best complements his or her career goals and benefits needs. From this list you can:

  • Read the bio for each Top 10-ranked company to learn more about their history, reputation, and benefits.
  • Follow the link provided for each of the Top 20-ranked Travel Nurse agencies — comprised of all Top 10 and Honorable Mention companies. Explore each of their websites to get a feel for the agency’s culture, benefits, and other offerings.
  • Review the scores — from the benefits score to the general eval score, to the composite of the two. You can also see how many total evaluations were submitted for each company in the Top 20.
  • Use the information you’ve gathered to get on the phone, speak to a few recruiters at these companies, and start narrowing down who you want to help you build your Travel Nursing career.

Click here to see Highway Hypodermics’ full list of Travel Nurse company rankings for 2015. Good luck in your search for a company that cares about you as an individual, wants to help you find great jobs and adventues, and that satisfies all of your benefits needs!

About the Author:

Hi, I'm Sarah Wengert, a creative content writer for the amazing Medical Solutions based in Omaha, Nebraska. While I'm not a travel nurse, I love to travel and I truly appreciate the hard, important work that nurses do. I'm very happy to represent a company that cares so much about its people. Thanks for reading!

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    Thank you for providing such a great resource for Travelers, Epstein!

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