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Travel Nurse Company Rankings for 2014

Thumbs up to the great agencies included in Travel Nurse company rankings for 2014!

Thumbs up to the great agencies included in Travel Nurse company rankings for 2014!

A couple of new sets of Travel Nurse company rankings have recently been released for the new year, one by Highway Hypodermics and another by Travel Nursing Central. Travel Nurse company rankings can be excellent way for prospective nurses to get started shopping for the right Recruiter and the right agency to help them plan and manage their Travel Nurse career.

Certainly each and every Traveler will have different needs, but rankings can be a great jump-off point for a new Travel Nurse, or one who may be dissatisfied with their current agency. Not every Traveler will agree with these sets of rankings, of course, but they are definitely worth a look. With that said, here’s the lowdown on these latest Travel Nurse company rankings from Highway Hypodermics and Travel Nursing Central:

Highway Hypodermics

Since 2004 Highway Hypodermics’ Epstein LaRue has been rating travel nurse companies based on benefits provided to Travel Nurses. According to Highway Hypodermics, “Since then [the process] has evolved from benefits only, to nurses voting, to the current system of Travel Nurses evaluating the travel companies.”

This Travel Nurse company ranking list includes a Top 10, as well as “Honorable Mentions” which are rankings 10-20. With so many companies out there, there are a lot of great agencies on this list. Click here to see Highway Hypodermics’ full Travel Nurse company rankings for 2014.

Travel Nursing Central

This site also bases rankings on Traveler ratings; this year collecting “more than 1600 ratings of 140 agencies [based] on 20 different criteria.” According to their blog announcing the Top 10 List of Travel Nursing Companies for 2014, this Travel Nurse resource site enhanced its rankings formula for 2014 and moved the reporting of its results to a “tiered ranking system, which evaluates the best agencies as Gold, Silver, and Bronze.” Click here to see Travel Nursing Central’s full Travel Nurse company rankings for 2014.

Do you know of any other resources that provide Travel Nurse company rankings? If so, please be sure to share with your fellow Travelers in the comments.

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