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Valentine’s Day for the Solo Travel Nurses


valentines day for the solo travel nursesTraveling solo on assignment can be sometimes lonely, especially on holidays. And more than ever on the “most romantic” day of the year, Valentine’s Day.  However, there’s no reason to stay home and sulk because you’re away from your loved ones. It is just a day like any other, after all.

This year, why not make it a “me” day? Get out and explore your awesome new city! Here‘s some inspiration ideas for Valentine’s (ME) Day:

Treat yo self!

Valentine’s Day is usually a day when people throw down tons of cash for flowers, chocolate, dinner, etc.  Since you’re flying solo this year, use that money on yourself. Splurge on that item you’ve been holding off to buy, or have a nice relaxing spa day. Get your hair done, buy some new clothes, do whatever you want. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Invite some co-workers over

Chances are there are other travelers in your current facility that are away from loved ones and have no plans too.   Why not go out on a limb and ask them over. Have a few appetizers, drinks and games. Don’t feel up to cleaning? Get a group together to go out and have some drinks.

Find an outdoor activity

Try rock climbing for the first time or perhaps a good hike for the less adventurous. Exercising not only is good for you (duh), it increases your endorphins which are the little neurotransmitters in your brain that trigger happiness.

No matter what you do, don’t stay home! While it may be tempting to veg out at home with a box of Lindor truffles and watch Sleepless in Seattle, don’t do it. You’ll only end up feeling like a sappy, lonely glutton. So beat those Valentine’s day blues, and remember, it’s only a just a day.

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