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Travel Nursing Without Your Dog Can Be Ruff.


Traveling to your next assignment without your pooch (or kitty-were not discriminating!) would seem incomplete. You come home everyday to find them waiting by the door to greet you, that it would seem like something is amiss if they weren’t along for the ride. So there’s no reason you shouldn’t take along your favorite furry friends with you on your travel nursing assignments, just as long as you set it up with the staffing agency you are working with.

If you want to travel with your pets, be it a dog, cat, etc… Make sure you tell your recruiter in advance. You’ll want to give them enough time to find you the proper housing that allows you to have them along. Just because you have a pet, it won’t prohibit you from working at a desired location. It just means, the housing department at the staffing company you’re traveling with has to do a little more research, after all it is there job to accommodate you to the fullest. There too may be added deposits and such, but that usually is included within your pay package and so forth.

It’s a good idea to plan ahead if and when you do decide to hit the road with your pets. There are a number of great resources out there to help you map out a route that welcomes you and your pets. Check out Pets On the Go, here you will find all the places that welcome overnight stays with your pets, everything from bed and breakfasts to major hotel chains. There’s also great travel tips and links to stuff you can buy for you pets to ensure a safe and fun journey and so much more.

Another good place to start if planning to travel great distances with your beloved pets is a site called, They offer a product called, Auto Friends. It’s a hammock-like slip cover that lays over top of your back seat and prevents your pets from sliding should you hit the brakes quickly. It also protects your upholstery from stains and such and is easy to clean and maintain. The site also released a list of the top 10 destinations for traveling with pets.

1. New York City – Between winding trails, off-leash hours and fenced-in dog parks, NYC’s Central Park is the perfect pet hang-out. Plus, pet daycare can be found in nearly every Big Apple neighborhood.
2. Chicago – Dogs are welcome on canine cruises at Chicago’s Navy Pier, and the Windy City is home to a number of pet resorts and patio restaurants that welcome furry friends.
3. Boston – Pooches are welcome to tour Boston Harbor by boat, and dogs are welcome to take the subway.
4. Houston – Local pet lovers praise Barnaby’s Cafe, where pets aren’t just welcome, they’re given their own cardboard bowl to dine from while their owners grab a bite.
5. San Francisco – The city by the bay offers plenty of pet-friendly dining, off-leash beaches, and outdoor areas. Take your dog for a stroll across the Golden GateBridge — or even bring him along on a cable-car ride!
6. Austin – Besides outdoor cafes and off-leash parks, Austin residents tout the Zilker Botanical Gardens and Congress Street Bats as great places for local dogs ( and dog-owners).
7. Washington ( and its suburb Alex and ria, Va.) – Both areas feature plenty of pet-friendly restaurants and parks.
8. Portl and , Ore. – The Lucky Labrador restaurant chain is famously pet-friendly. Pets are also invited to visit the Rose Gardens and Saturday outdoor market.
9. Charleston – Bring your pet along on a walking tour of historic Charleston, whether it’s a daytime stroll through Magnolia Plantation or a nighttime ghost tour of the city’s haunted haunts.
10. Ann Arbor – Pets are welcome to frolic in many of the city’s outdoor spaces, including the Nichols Arboretum, a large botanical garden at the University of Michigan.
So pack you bags (don’t forget the treats), fill up the tank and hit the road with your best friends. With some careful planning you and yours can have the most memorable of travel nursing assignments. See, life doesn’t have to be so ruff!

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