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Going to School While on Travel Nurse Assignments

online education for travel nurses

Bettering your career as a nurse is always something to consider not only for better pay, but improving your skills. The best way to accomplish this is continuing education units (CEU’s). Many travelers think they would have to stop traveling to continue their education or would have to attend seminars. However, with all the current online opportunities, you can do really do anything on your computer, including improving your education.

Online classes are great because you have the convenience of completing them on your own time and in the comfort of your home. No books, no conflicting schedules with work and no driving.

Another deterrent for travelers to purse continuing education is cost; however, there are actually free CEU’s out there. Here are a few sites with free CEU’s:

You should also check with your current staffing company to see if they reimburse their travelers for CEU’s.

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