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Guest Author: S and y Thomson – 4 money-saving tips for your travel nursing drive


If you are like most travel nurses headed for a new assignment you are excited to get out on the road and get started. But before you head out make sure you follow these tips to get you to your assignment while saving money on the way.

  1. Set a daily budget: As you know you need budgeting at every step of your life. Execute this method while you are traveling. Make a daily budget and travel nurse's piggy bank keep a record of what you’re spending everyday in a notepad so that you don’t overdo your budget. That way you will have more money to spend when you are at the destination not on the journey.
  2. Rent a car: If you are going to a city where a car is more of a burden than a luxury, then this is a good option for you instead of flying to the assignment. This might sound expensive, but it is actually an effective way of saving those extra dollars. It is always wise to use a rented car because it will help you avoid the costs of mending your car if it goes through any wear and tear and finding somewhere to park and /or store it while you are on assignment. Plus, if you are driving instead of flying you will get to see more of the country while you are on your way than if you flew.
  3. Carry travel insurance: This is the most important thing that you cannot do without while traveling. Always carry your travel insurance with you while you are traveling. It can provide you a safeguard against medical losses or any other kind of losses incurred while traveling. Temporary travel insurance can be arranged while booking a trip to cover exactly the duration of that particular trip.
  4. Download free maps online: Be independent while you are traveling. Download free maps online ahead of time so you can travel the shortest and cheapest distance. Here are some good map sites:

Consider these 4 money saving tips to save money on the drive to your travel nursing job.

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Sandy Thomson is a financial writer and webmaster of many financial sites. She has written many quality articles on Travel Insurance, General Finance, Debt consolidation, Mortgage and Insurance.

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