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A Holiday for One: How to Celebrate the Holiday Season by Yourself


As you are off working on your travel nursing assignment, there are many things you can do to enjoy this holiday season and keep in touch with family and friends. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. You can start your own tradition by going to church, cooking a holiday dinner, volunteering your time or watching your favorite holiday movies. The key is to learn about the different opportunities now, so you don’t miss out on all the holiday action. Find out now about different events happening this holiday season and set up more ways to keep in touch with family and friends.


If you are spending Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years away from home you can still celebrate while on your travel nursing assignment. Just think of the fun activities you can do. For starters, decorate your house for each of the holidays. This is just a little thing to do that will help you feel better about the holiday season and less homesick. Don’t forget to put up a Christmas tree and lights.

Home Decorating

How to celebrate the Holidays by yourself

If you are not feeling like the usual turkey or ham dinner, go out to a great restaurant or make your favorite meal.

Holiday Dinner

The holiday dinner is an important subject since you are making it for yourself. If you are not feeling like the usual turkey or ham dinner, go out to a great restaurant or make your favorite meal. You can even go to the Whole Foods website and have them make a holiday dinner for you to pick up. Check restaurants in the area for any holiday dinner specials. You are the only one you need to please this year so eat whatever you want. How often can you have lasagna on Thanksgiving or lobster on Christmas?

Whole Foods

Celebrate with a New Friend

When you are working on your travel nursing assignment, wrap yourself up in holiday festivities by celebrating with patients and other staff members. After you get off your shift on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Years, ask new friends who need someone to celebrate the holiday with to join you for a holiday get together. Have a holiday dinner together and then check out the local theater for a movie or watch a holiday movie marathon.

Keeping in Touch

To help keep in contact with family and friends during the holidays there are a few things you can do. Email your family and friends to catch up individually or send them all a Christmas newsletter. Have a conversation on instant messaging using a webcam making you feel closer to your family and friends. You can even set up your own website to have people be able to check-up on what you are doing and make a family blog that everybody can write on. Social networking is really huge in the community right now. Find out which one most of your family members are on and use it. This way it is easy to share pictures and videos back and forth between your family and friends. And of course don’t forget to send them presents in mail for the holidays.

5 Ways to Keep in Touch with Family and Friends Online

Elf Yourself





Thanksgiving is the time of giving, so give back to the community by volunteering your time. Volunteering is a great way to spend your free time this holiday season while on your travel nursing assignment. Do your part by helping out at a local soup kitchen or ringing a Salvation Army bell. If you do have to work Thanksgiving make the best of it. Be the one to get patients excited about the holidays. Plus the hospitals always serve better food on Thanksgiving, so take advantage of it.

Thanksgiving Fun and Games


When December comes rolling in possibly look into going caroling at a local church or attending a local holiday parade. You can also continue volunteering after Thanksgiving in your community for the Christmas season.

New Year’s

Every New Year motivates people to make their own New Year resolutions. However, many people end up not being able to keep them. Make one that you know is reachable and if you do falter one day forget about it and get back on track.

To celebrate the New Year, find out information about the community your doing your travel nursing assignment at. Every place has their own festivities so why not join them in the fun. If you are a huge college football fan you can watch the bowl games and the Rose Parade.

New Year’s Info

New Year’s Resolution Tips

While you are on your travel nursing assignment away from family, always make the best of the situation. The holiday season can be as enjoyable as you make it. Your family is only a phone call away, and remember that you have the ability to make a patient and their family have a great holiday season.

Celebrate Alone

Festivals and Events

Donate and Volunteer for Charity

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