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Choosing the Right Hospital For You


iStock_000010123353XSmall (1)Last week we celebrated all of you fabulous nurses during Nurses Week and now National Hospitals Week, May 13-18, is here. Of course, nurses are such a major part of a hospital’s fabric that the effect of one on the other is very strong. An effective and caring nursing staff can make all the difference in a patient’s physical recovery and emotional experience that it has a major impact on a hospital’s overall reputation. On the other h and , a nurse’s performance and job satisfaction can be significantly impacted by the hospital environment he or she works in.

Nurse Together offers some information on how to choose the right hospital, which is helpful to future travel nurses who are laying the foundation for a travel nursing career by getting their 1-2 years experience first.

As for travel nursing specifically, there are a number of rankings and metrics available online for curious or prospective travel nurses to peruse. Travel Nurse Central highlights a few leaders in their Top 10 Travel Nursing Hospitals of 2013.

The top 10 features some top-notch facilities, for sure, but remember that you and your colleagues may have differing likes, dislikes and desires. Like finding the right recruiter, it’s really about finding a hospital that is the right fit for you. After collecting traveler reviews since 2005, Travel Nurse Central also looks at rankings for a whole slew of travel nurse hospitals outside of the top 10.

Beyond all of this, one of the many benefits of travel nursing is being able to move to another location and hospital approximately every three months, if you want to. It also provides ample opportunity to see a variety of hospital models and investigate what type might be the best fit for you — all the more valuable should you ever decide to “settle down” with a hospital someday. Happy Hospitals Week!

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