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Digital Camera Advice #4: Software for editing and organizing the pictures you take during your travel nursing jobs


OK, so you’ve taken lots of great pictures on your travel nursing assignment and you’re ready to print them out. Most of them look great, but there are few that just aren’t living up to your memory of the scene. That is where some imaginative photo editing can be your best friend.

For starters you will need photo editing software. If you’re like most people you will find that the software that came with your camera will be all you need.  For instance my camera came with Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.0. It can handle basic functions such as cropping, red eye reduction, auto color, auto contrast, auto levels and sharpening.

However, to get more advanced features like layers, histograms and adjustment tools and filters you will need to upgrade to some higher end software. Some good ones include Adobe Elements, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Snapfire, Corel Photo-Paint and Microsoft Digital Imaging.

If you are taking lots of photos you may also need photo organizing software, which lets you organize, categorize and archive the images you have taken by attaching tags and keyword descriptions to each image. Some good photo organizing software is Corel Photo Album 6, Microsoft Digital Image and Picasa2 among others.

Here are some great sites to help you decide which software is right for you, but just remember to experiment with the software that came with your camera first you may be surprised at its capability. No matter what your skill level you are going to be able to find software that will fit your needs. The question is really only price; some programs are free or reasonably priced while others could cost you hundreds of dollars.

Photo Editing Software Links,1874,1639138,00.asp

Photo Organizing Software Links,127904/article.html

Remember too to try and download the trial versions if you can before you purchase anything. That way you will know if the software is a good fit for your needs.

Coming soon will be the Cropping post. It will teach you some techniques for turning pictures from ordinary to extraordinary.

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