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Checking it out!


Hey there!  I’m checking out my set up here….. and my skill at blogging!  I am a nurse and have done lots of different things in my career, but one of my favorites was traveling!  It’s been a few years…before blogging was so popular (or before I finally became ‘hip!’)Traveling is SO exciting and FUN and can also be overwhelming at times, wouldn’t you agree – those of you who have traveled?  I wish I had had a blog to talk with other travelers….for advice, for tips, for license questions, for clinical issues, for suggestions to simplify the travel life!

Thanks for the article, Jeff! I thought I was organized, but there were things on that list that I hadn’t even thought of! I used to keep a plastic filing cabinet with me (even my files got to travel) full of EVERYTHING I could possibly need on the road.  It was small and compact and kept me together. The contents???? More to come on that next time…gotta run!

Here’s your daily question: What would YOU (or do you) keep in a filing cabinet on the road?

Peace Out!



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