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Protect yourself and become personal safety certified


Being a travel nurse you are often in new, unfamiliar areas around people you might not always know. You can’t always control your surroundings but one thing you can control is your awareness in those surroundings. By being aware of the things going on around you can help keep you safe. It’s important to remember, no matter where you are it’s always best to just be aware – but that too doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and explore new things on your Travel Nursing assignment. That kind of defeats the purpose of your career choice!

There are some great precautions you can learn and take with you when you are in your car, housing, working out or even while exploring your new area.

Car/Parking Lots

When walking to your car always have your keys ready in your h and to be able to open up your car quickly if needed. Possibly think about purchasing a flashlight, whistle, or something to protect yourself for your keychain. Create a safety plan and change up your routine by driving different routes to keep people from tracking you.

Make your car less of a target of getting broken into. If you have a stereo with a face plate, take it out when you are not in your car. Leave nothing valuable in your car, and if you do, put items in the trunk out of sight. Try to park your car in well lit areas and not on the street. This decreases your car’s chances of getting broken into or even hit.

Parking Lot Safety

Parking Garage Safety

Parking Lot Security


Prepare yourself by learning self-defense tactics for Travel Nurses

“Safety first” has been a slogan everyone has heard when growing up. If you don’t feel comfortable then don’t do or go somewhere that you feel uneasy about.

If you live alone, keep that information unknown by making up a roommate or dog. Tell people you have a dog and give it an aggressive name like Spike. Find a neighbor or coworker to trust and let them know your schedule, so they know when you are going to be gone. If you are going to be gone for a few days have the post office or your trusted neighbor or coworker hold your mail. Also keep your schedule confidential so people don’t know when you aren’t going to be home – it’s easy nowadays to post these types of things of Facebook and whatnot, but we highly recommend against it.

Once again you don’t want to give people a reason to break in. Keep blinds shut on bottom floors so people cannot see in. Always lock your door when alone in your house and at night turn on lights around all inside and outside entrances. Alarm systems are great, but it is hard to get one when you are moving every 13 weeks. To fix that problem, you can get a fake alarm or just put a sign out saying you have an alarm system. Notify your l and lord to cut overgrown shrubbery around your home so people can’t hide in it. At night keep your phone and something that could be used as a weapon by your bed just in case something does happen at night.

Apartment Safety Basics

Apartment Safety Tips

Working Out

If you like to go on walks, runs, or bike rides before or after work you should visit, and to map out safe runs in your new community. Try to work out in high populated areas or with a new friend from work. Work out during the day and at places you feel comfortable at. If you cannot find a place outside where you feel comfortable, then look to find a gym that you can work out at.

How To Run Safely

Running 4 Women’s Safety Guide

Additional Tips

  • Take a self-defense class before or during your travel nursing assignment. It is important to learn to st and in a way to ward off people from thinking they can take advantage of you being new to their city. By doing this, it makes you more aware of your surroundings so you feel more comfortable in your community.
  • Make sure you learn about your new city so that you don’t make wrong turns or end up getting lost in unfamiliar areas. Also, try to ask your new coworkers about where you should do your shopping and exploring, most likely they are from there and able to give you good advice.
  • Another important tip is to put 911 on your speed dial to make it easier to call for help if you find yourself needing it.

“Safety first” has been a slogan everyone has heard when growing up. If you don’t feel comfortable then don’t do or go somewhere that you feel uneasy about. Learn and follow the steps to become “personal safety certified.” At we want you to be comfortable and safe wherever you travel.

National Crime Prevention Council

Impact Personal Safety

ISU Department of Public Safety

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Patrick Fuerstenau here. Born in Kentucky, raised in Germany, landed in Nebraska and still here. I've been involved with Marketing and Advertising for over a decade. It all began with an internship at an ad agency in Omaha, followed by a 9 year stint as a graphic artist at the lone major newspaper in Omaha. A friend of mine told me about an opening at her company and said that it was the best gig she's ever had... So I decided to spread my proverbial wings and see what I could do for them and vice versa. So here I am at Medical Solutions as a Marketing Specialist for a great travel nursing company. This by far has been a major blessing in my life. I love the work I get to do just as much as I love the people who make up this fabulous company. I can see myself here for a long time... As long as they'll have me. Now that we've got the career timeline out of the way... Let me tell you a little about who I am. I am oh so passionate about the game of futbol! I've been playing soccer since the age of 8 and am still playing today. If I couldn't at least kick the ball around, I don't know what I would do with myself. I fear getting old. I also have a strong love for the arts... Music, Visual arts, Film, Design... pretty much anything and everything arty. I'm happy go lucky and am always looking to have a good time. Just ask my manager! And I love writing about travel nursing.

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  1. I love this article. Safety is extremely important for all nurses and especially for travel nurses! We push personal safety pretty hard as well and always recommend self defense courses.

    Keep up the good work and if you even need more applicants hit us up. We will let you post all of your jobs on our site for free.

    Have a great week!

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