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10 fun summer’s end activities for Travel Nurses


Whether you are just settling into your new environment or at the tail end of your travel nursing assignment. Here are 10 exciting things you should do before the days get shorter and the warm days of summer come to an end.

These ideas are fit for hot and muggy summer days or mild summer nights in all states and are fun for everyone, young or old. Engaging in these activities is not only a good way to bring back the inner child in you but allows you to venture out and enjoy the last of summer.

1. Attend a County Fair: Take a walk through the fair and enjoy the activities, grab some authentic fair food and play some midway games for a fun evening or a laidback day. Check out event dates for either the local fairgrounds or a close by County. – Listing of State & County Fairs – Listing of State & County Fairs
Yahoo! State Fair Directory

Take a bike ride before the summer ends.

Ride your bike to the park and have yourself a nice picnic with friends and family.

2. Go for a bike ride: Taking a bike ride on a cool summer night is not only relaxing, but a great way to spend time with friends or find some quiet alone time while doing something healthy for you. Intermediate or advanced, there are conditions and locations for all levels of biking in the summer in all locations.

3. Throw a BBQ or Picnic: On a cool summer evening or toasty afternoon get together with a group of friends and family, enjoy the day and the essence of summer with the people you enjoy. By making it a potluck event you will reduce the stress of being responsible for all the food, freeing yourself up to enjoy great company and of course food!

Barbecue’n On The Internet
Fiesta Barbecues – Picnic Party Ideas

4. Pick fresh fruit: Before the trees are done bearing fruit and the berries are all picked, go out one last time and pick some fresh fruit and enjoy the summer day. Make some homemade jams and pies and if you have leftovers freeze them, it is always a good way to bring back the summer treats in the winter.
Tips on Picking and Using Strawberries

5. Go fishing: Lake, river, or ocean, take some time to relax, catch some fish and get a tan before the days become too cold. Enjoy the great outdoors, it does not matter if you catch ten fish or any fish at all, enjoying this hobby or trying it for the first time is always a good experience and a great way to spend time with friends.

Best Fishing Tips

6. Watch the sunrise/sunset: On a weekend morning, try getting up earlier than normal to watch the sunrise from a local park or lake, bring a cup of your favorite coffee and savor the moment. It is a great reminder of how wonderful life really is and a chance to appreciate summer.
U.S. Naval – Observatory Complete Sun and Moon Data for One Day

7. Attend a concert in the park: Attending a summer concert at many parks is free. You are able to bring your own food and drinks and have the freedom to come and go as you please while enjoying the relaxing music. Many cities and towns also offer free movies at dusk in the park showing classic movies from Casablanca to Grease.
AOL – local city guide

8. Go to the zoo: The zoo is fit for all ages and is a great way to get some exercise walking around before the warm days come to an end. Check out the times at your local zoo for animal shows and gather up some friends and family to enjoy the wildlife and have a “wild” day together.

Smithsonian – National Zoological Park
Association of Zoos & Museums
Zoos Worldwide

9. Shop at your local Farmers Market: Most places all over the United States offer free to the public Farmers Markets with locally grown fruits and vegetables. Most have many other wonderful products only available at these markets. Fresh foods inspire most people to cook and experiment with new recipes or to make old time favorites, another great way to do something you enjoy and it’s good for you.

Find your state’s local farmers market

10. Go to a baseball game: Whether a college, minor or major league baseball game attending a game is a great way for family bonding or going out with close friends. Enjoy the loud and enthusiastic atmosphere and make sure to grab hotdog and peanuts to complete the nostalgic feel of a baseball game.

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