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Ask a Travel Nurse: Are companies willing to negotiate Travel Nursing pay?

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Ask a Travel Nurse: Are companies willing to negotiate Travel Nursing pay?

Ask a Travel Nurse Question:

When it comes to pay, are most offers for hospital jobs set in stone? Are companies willing to negotiate Travel Nursing pay?

Ask a Travel Nurse Answer:

In Travel Nursing, many assignments simply pay what they pay. While you may have a little wiggle room on your hourly rate, that will likely not change more than a few dollars per hour.

Most hospitals draft a “blanket agreement” (or contract) when dealing with travel companies. This means that every travel company essentially makes the same compensation for providing the facility with a Travel Nurse. The travel company then puts together a package for the nurse, and then presents that, in a contract that you sign with the travel company. The reason that different companies might have a different hourly rate for the same position is due to allocation.

While one company might provide a higher hourly rate, another might provide better housing or health benefits. No ONE company offers the best housing, the highest hourly rate, AND the cheapest, most comprehensive medical insurance. If there was such a company, it would be the ONLY travel company as EVERYONE would travel with them.

Another factor could be the travel company’s profit margin on the traveler; this is why there could be a little wiggle room on the hourly rate. Yes, travel companies want to make money off of you, no surprise there. But they are also paying a lot of people to make sure that your assignment comes together. If you have been with your company for a few assignments and are a loyal traveler, a company should always do what they can to retain you. This could mean making a lower profit margin on your employment and offering you more in compensation.

However, every company will have a certain margin that they will not exceed (otherwise, they could actually LOSE money on your contract). The recruiters I use are very good about being up front about this and there have been times where I have asked for more of an hourly rate only to be told that it is just not “doable.” If you feel you should be getting more, or require more than they are offering, then just ask. You are only going to get one of two answers.

If you do require more than a travel company is willing to pay on any given assignment, if you have a good recruiter, they should simply say, “I’m sorry, but on that assignment, I just cannot meet your quote. However, let me know what figure you need and we can look for an assignment that will work for you.”

I hope this helps 🙂



About the Author:

Hello everyone. I’m a travel nurse originally from Ohio who graduated in 1993 from Mount Carmel School of Nursing in Columbus. I completed a critical care fellowship at Riverside Methodist Hospital in 1994 and started traveling in that specialty a year later. My first travel assignment was in Maui and since that time I have completed close to 40 different contracts in various states with multiple travel companies. I am the author of Travel Nurse’s Bible (A Guide to Everything on Travel Nursing), in addition to my writings here and in the pages of Travel Nursing publications such as Healthcare Traveler Magazine and American Nurse Today. I am presently on assignment in Phoenix, AZ and travel anywhere from six to eleven months of the year.

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