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Ask a Travel Nurse: Do staffing companies offer insurance to spouses too?

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Ask a Travel Nurse: Do staffing companies offer insurance to spouses too?

Ask a Travel Nurse Question:


My question is, do staffing companies offer insurance to spouses too? My partner and I are potentially interested in Travel Nursing — he is an ICU RN and I am an RD. I’ve found information about many Travel Nurse staffing agencies offering insurance for the RN, but is it common for agencies to offer insurance for the RNs spouse as well (at extra cost, I’d assume)?

Thanks for the information! This blog has been helpful as I am researching things!

Ask a Travel Nurse Answer:

With the companies with which I have dealt, it is actually uncommon to NOT have insurance availability for spouses/families.

Companies that place emphasis on high hourly rates have usually not seen to the items that many Travelers deem a necessity, one of those being a good insurance plan. Those companies that allocate more money toward healthcare plans will certainly have better premiums, deductibles, and options for family coverage.

I have worked with a travel company where I heard the CEO mention that he spent around a million dollars a year for the healthcare plan for their Travelers. I am never the highest paid Traveler in the unit when I work with them, but I always have great housing and top notch healthcare (because they place emphasis on those amenities). NO company out there will have the best of ALL facets (highest pay, best healthcare coverage, nicest housing). It’s a balancing act and the best companies for you will be the ones that allocate the compensation they receive, evenly to the facets that matter most to you.

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I hope this helps.


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Hello everyone. I’m a travel nurse originally from Ohio who graduated in 1993 from Mount Carmel School of Nursing in Columbus. I completed a critical care fellowship at Riverside Methodist Hospital in 1994 and started traveling in that specialty a year later. My first travel assignment was in Maui and since that time I have completed close to 40 different contracts in various states with multiple travel companies. I am the author of Travel Nurse’s Bible (A Guide to Everything on Travel Nursing), in addition to my writings here and in the pages of Travel Nursing publications such as Healthcare Traveler Magazine and American Nurse Today. I am presently on assignment in Phoenix, AZ and travel anywhere from six to eleven months of the year.

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