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Weighing the Advantages of Travel Nursing


There are always pluses and minuses to each job you choose to take. By picking to do travel nursing, the pros outweigh the cons.

When you do regular nursing through a hospital there are some pros of staying in the same place. You will always be in your comfort level in your home surroundings. By staying at the same job for a long period of time, you meet more people at your job and learn the place you work at very well.

As a travel nurse, you won’t have that everyday familiarity; however, you do start to establish it more and more as time passes. When ending and starting a new assignment you won’t be able to meet as many people at that job, but overall you meet more people all across the U.S. since you are always going to new places and transitioning. You also won’t get wrapped up in the hospital politics like you would in permanent place.

When it come to PTO, as a traveling nurse you don’t get any, but your time off is between assignments or you could think of days while not working as PTO. In a hospital, it takes awhile to receive time off making it hard for you to go on vacation.

Every nursing job offers medical insurance, paid time off and 401K, but to receive these benefits you must work for that hospital for a certain time period. As a travel nurse you can receive medical insurance and 401K from day one. That’s just the beginning of benefits.

The best benefit of travel nursing is being able to travel across the U.S. meeting new people and learning about different places. Doing this makes you become a more rounded person being able to learn more about the different cultures. Once you are in your new home, you can go out site seeing and check out all the hot spots in that area.

The main reason people become a travel nurse is traveling. You get paid to do the traveling you have always wanting to do and didn’t have the money to do sooner. Traveling is cheap and easy, since most agencies will reimburse you for you travel expenses and assist you with your certification and licensure.

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  1. Megan says:

    As a new graduating nurse I found this information interesting. In the future, after some med/surg expereince, I have thought about becoming a traveling nurse. I have mostly thought about the negative or “cons” thinking they out weighed the “pros” but obviously I had not thought about it all the way through. This information shines new light on traveling nursing and makes me consider this job option.

  2. amber says:

    Going into the field of nursing it is wonderful that we have as many options as we do. On the other hand it can be overwhelming to try and narrow down what works for you. This blog really gave me the facts of pros and cons of nursing. Having this information makes me wonder if this field of nursing may be right for me.

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