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Not MY experience with Cherie Foerester

This is my 2nd contract with TRINITY & CHERIE...I came to agency with specific goals & Cherie & Trinity came through!! I live 800miles away fm my assignment & they were very straightforward & honorable regarding benefits. I have travelled for over 8yrs & EVERY agency requires a ton of paperwork & I don't think I would want to work for an agency that didn't require perusal of my skills (I'm sure the facilities require it too) it is time consuming only if you are not organized to begin with. I'm very happy with Cherie & Trinity...MY experience has been gr8!


This is the most backwards,disorganized,unprofessional company I have ever dealt with. I had been applying with several agencies and was not sure if I needed to do any more paperwork with this one when Cherie Forester contacted me. She assured me no, we were "all set and good to go." Originally she tells me the rate was $49 /hr then after I am hooked calls back and says since I am local it is a little less... $37.50/hr. For the OR??? But I wanted to check out this hospital so I agreed. So she submits me for a contract. When we didn't hear back, she tells me to call the hospital. I found that odd as I thought that was her job but I did it and things moved along. Only then did I find out,they had never done ANY paperwork on me and now I had limited time to scramble to get the most ridiculous amount of compliance and testing that I have ever been required to do. Every day they would send me more. When I finally got a contract it was full of errors and totally opposite what we had discussed. I immediately contacted Cherie and she assured me she would get back to me in 4 hours. That turned into a day and a half. After 4 days with no corrected contract and 3 days shy of my start date and being told a 3rd time that maybe I should call the hospital to expedite things, I wrote her an email basically stating all these complaints and saying what I had read on these reviews and that I was very hesitant to move forward with her company at this time. Well, suddenly she promises to have her manager call me in 15 minutes. He called 2hrs and 45 min later at 7pm at night. All of the sudden everyone is acting like they care. I am hearing from her manager and the people who couldnt pay me more than 37.50 were up to $40.00,and suddenly corrected the contract to say no weekends,no call(which is what should have been in contract all along) but still no written contract for me to see.....just their word....and no guaranteed hours. On Friday I get a call saying we need to hear from you within hour or we will have to tell hospital to move on. Which is what I already told them to do on Wednesday. Anyway, I respond within 59 minutes and the manager says we cancelled you because we didnt hear from you. No! They cancelled me because they couldn't negotiate 36 hours per week guaranteed or you found some nurse who was willing to take no guaranteed hours. If my hours are not guaranteed why should I sign a local contract? Why not just do per diem? These people were never concerned for me. They never dealt with this hospital and they were trying to get their foot in the door. They misled me about what they could pay which was less than I made full time. They would promise to call in 15 minutes then call 3 hours later then they have the nerve to tell me they cancelled my contract because I didnt reply in time. If you tell me 1 hour at 10 am and I reply at 1059 then I believe that is within the hour. I am so grateful I did not sign with these people. I am just sorry they wasted two weeks of my time and the hospital's time. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THEM!!!!

Worst agency I've ever worked for. The lack of communication is appalling, not to mention I've signed the same contract 3+ times now but they keep emailing me and won't answer the phone when I have questions about it. Recruiter does not get back to you unless you leave messages on her office AND cell phone, and even then it's about 3-5 days before you hear a response if at all. I've had nothing but questions since I've started with them, but can't get anyone to answer my voicemails. Everything was great until I signed the contract, guess I really did get the "bait and switch." I can honestly say that this is my first and last contract with them, I'll just keep hanging out here on my own and hope for the best.

by Kenneth Jones Jr. RN on Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group
Trinity: the best travel agency

I was one of Trinity's first employees. I worked a local contract for them in Loris SC. As a traveler I've worked a number of states for over 25 years. Of all the travel agencies I've worked with Trinity is by far the best. When my wife and I were married in Barrow AK a Trinity staffer came up and helped us put on the wedding. When the housing in Waikiki HI turned out to be a dud. One phone call to Trinity and it was worked out. They told us to go find something suitable and have them contact Trinity. Arizona on the Navajo Reservation was just about the best contract I've ever done. I took care of Navajo Code Talkers, then in their eighties. What an honor. The only way Trinity could do more for me would be to take away some of my seventy years so I could travel again. They are number one in my opinion.

Almost Gave Up

I found out about Trinity two years ago. During that time I had gone through two recruiters and nothing happened. In 2015, I reached out to Trinity again and was contacted by another recruiter with no success. After deciding to give up on traveling all together, I was contacted by Cheree Foerster. She was determined that she could find me an assignment and didn't give up until she did. She has been a great help to me to adapt to my new found pleasure and is always available for any questions that may arise any time of day. Thanks Cheree for all you do.

by Bonnie Sutton RN on Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group

I have been with Trinity a long time. I feel cared for and most of all listened to. You have to understand as a Travel Nurse you can't just pick a hospital and tell your recruiter thats where you want to go and it happens. My recruiter however has come really close to doing just that for me. Tara Smith knew by the tone in my voice that I wasn't feeling a contract I had been offered. She worked very hard to get me my next assignment. My pay has never been late and if there is a problem Tara will listen and get back to me as soon as she gets the answer. I have worked with American Mobile Truestaff and Adet. Trinity is the best company I have ever worked for.


This is my first travel job and I have enjoyed working with Trinity. I was a little apprehensive to begin traveling but my recruiter Ron York has been very supportive and helpful adjust to my new job! It's great to work with a team you trust!

Years of faithful service

I have been with Trinity and my agent Ron York for the better part of 9 years. I have left to work as permanent staff but have always returned. This agency does their absolute best to accommodate you in every way from your assignment details to your paycheck. If there is something that needs o be tweaked, they handle it for you. Everything is taken care of while you enjoy your assignment and the freedom of your travel. Cant go wrong with Trinity.

The best ever

This was my third agency in less than a year. The best experiance I have had yet. Cherie Foerster has gone above and beyond to make sure I'm happy with my assignment and comfortable with my responsibility. She been up front and honesty. She has been the only agent that made sure i keep a position some where. I worked with Aya and RN Network neither agency has lived up to Trinity. I will say Cherie has made this experience the best one.

by Krystal Thompson on Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group
3rd Times A Charm

I have worked with Aya, RN Network and now Trinity. The reason I did not stay with Aya and RN Network is because I felt cheated when it came to compensation and communication. I have now been working with Trinity. I actually feel that Cherie Foerster is the best recruiter I have worked with. She has not been dishonest or over bearing which is what I have experienced in the past. We work together, her career helps me have a career and my career helps her its more like awesome team work. Call Cherie Foerster she is one of the good ones!

by Paula Marie Reiter on Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group

2015 started my travel nursing career. I spent the beginning of the year with another agency and was ready to quit. Some how I was fortunate enough to get matched with Cherie Forester, here at Trinity. She is flipping AMAZING! She has been available for me 24/7, fighting to get me the highest paying jobs in whatever state I have been interested in, even going so far as to reach out to other hospitals Trinity might not have a contract with. I absolutely LOVE her and as long as I am traveling, SHE will be my ONLY recruiter!!

by Andrea Robinson on Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group

The most Wonderful agency to work with! Everyone is so kind, efficient, and helpful.
I worked with Ms Donna Bunch, and Ms Denise Stephens, they are awesome!
Thank you Trinity!

by Malcolm Lorance on Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group
Ron York Recriuiter

The key to sucessful traveling career is a good recruiter. One you feel has both your needs and expectation at forefront. Ron has been my recruiter for 20 plus contracts. Honest and straightforward !

Ron York Trinityhsg

I have been with Trinity for 2+ years with no regrets. Ron York has been my recruiter from the beginning. He has always been there for me and my family. If he was busy when I called he always returned my call that day even if it was after business hours. Ron has been extremely compassionate and understanding of what I need. Trinity always got me good housing that was close to the hospital where I was doing my contract. Would highly recommend Trinityhsg and Ron York to anyone who wants to travel.

best recruiter

I have worked with other travel companies. Cherie forester is the first recruiter to really listen to me and showed that she listened by submitting me to the assignment I am currently working. I wanted too go to the state of Ohio and she got me there. Cherie responds to me in a timely, time frame. she is up front, and tells me how, " it is." I need that. we all need to get better with our jobs, however, she isn't far. thank you,
james cooper

Very good

Trinity was my very first travel company. I dod end up in a hospital that was far from what i was used to, however, i did take the first job that came along. I learned a lot from Tara Smith, who guided me every step of the way! I got what i needed, and learned more from there! Trinity will get you where you want to go, but, you have to know where you want to go. Don't be unprofessional before you have experienced travel nursing. You are the only one who can make it a bad experience. I am currently in sunny southwest florida, just got done working in east Florida in a rehab center ON THE BEACH! Thanks to Trinitty and Tara, i got to spend almost every day staring out at the gorgeous ocean in Ormond Beach, Fl!!! Next, maybe Hawaii!!! Go forth and explore, and know your options! Don't go blaming the company without you knowing what you need. Ask the questions, and dont be afraid to say no.


I have been a nurse for 5 years, and decided to travel this year. The trinity team has been very helpful and supportive making sure to place me in an area that I was comfortable working in and checking in with me to se how my experience was coming along. Thanks to my recruiter Ron York for his support. I look forward to traveling with this company again!!


by Courtney Campbell on Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group

I have been with Trinity for almost 2 years now. I have not traveled with any other companies and do not have plans to do so. I am very pleased with Trinity and have the best recruiter, Steve Turner. He has been very helpful and ensures I have everything I need and is always there for me if I have any concerns or questions.

by Rebecca Whitehead on Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group

As a traveler who travels far and wide, Tara Smith has been my recruiter and my rock! I have been traveling with Trinity for about 3 1/2 yrs, and I don't know what I would do without Tara. She is my friend, sounding board, advocate, my sense when I lose mine, and so much more! All the contacts that I have dealt with at Trinity are so kind, efficient, and transparent in their dealings, but Tara is my treasure! I have input on my contracts, Tara truly attempts to work the best deals for me, and I know if any problems come up with a facility, she has my back.

Positive Review

Been traveling with Trinity for about 3 years. The staff is excellent. Always there to answer my questions. Always responds quickly to my emails or text msgs. Very pleasant and friendly in every situation. Audra Stephano Floyd is my recruiter. She, as well as the rest of the staff, make me feel like family, not "just a traveler"!! Would not travel with any other company!!

great place to work

Been with Trinity the better part of the last decade and had the same agent the entire time. These people take care.of you and have your best interest in mind. My agent Ron has repeatedly gone the extra mile to ensure my assignment is satisfactory and that I am taken care of. I have great Healthcare insurance and benefits as well. I've been with a few other comoarison. Trinity will always be my go to when I want to travel.

Happy Traveler

Been pleased with Trinity so far. Never imagined travel nursing was for me but the staff at Trinity made the transition easier. My recruiter Ron York has been very patient and listens to my work preferences and makes sure that requests are honored in the contract. Kudos as well to the whole Trinity Staff!

Great Agency: timely and positive responses

I have worked with this agency since @ 2003; initially in a per diem role and since @ 2011 as a full time travel nurse. I have always had positive experiences with my recruiter, Audra Stefano Floyd, as well as the other recruiters and office staff that I've had the pleasure of talking with on the phone.
I chose this agency to work with on a full time basis, not only because I'd worked with them in the past, but because after doing my own research on other agencies Trinity met all of what I was looking for: a reputable company who works to meet the needs and desires of it's employees, insurance starting day one, work locations all over the country, a tax-free housing allowance and weekly my accountant told my husband after the first year when we got a tax refund, "it's a win-win situation; you're wife is happy with her career and you're getting money back instead of paying in"!
My recruiter provides me a list of hospitals and I research them, as well as the area that they're in, and let her know where I want to be submitted....I sit back and wait for the's never a long wait as these hospitals know and trust Trinity to provide them with competent and capable staff.
Thanks Audra, Ron, Ren, Michelle, Stacy and all of the Great staff at Trinity for making what I've chosen to do (travel nursing) a wonderful, win-win experience!

Caring staff!

I cannot say enough about Ron York. He has been compassionate when personal circumstances needed it and he is always willing to answer questions or concerns I have! I have been traveling with Trinity for a year and a half and I've had a great experience! I would recommend the company and Ron to anyone I meet that wants to travel!

by Courtney Barrett on Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group
Love Trinity

Working with Trinity has been a true blessing! I have worked with other travel agencies and Ron is an awesome recruiter. He always gets back with me ASAP and is quick to help solve any problem! Even provides a way to contact him during non-business hours, he goes above and beyond to make sure I am taken care of and that is a great feeling! Taking a chance on this company has paid off and is the best move I have made! I love being apart of the Trinity Family!

Thanks For All You Do Ron!

by Dawn Marie Johnston on Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group
The best

I have traveled with other companies in the past and I have found Trinity to be superior! Ron York is my recruiter. His integrity, dependability, compassion and work ethic is remarkable. Ron has always gone above and beyond to fill my needs as an RN traveler and as a person. Trinity as a company has always been reliable, always proficient. I would highly recommend Trinity and Ron York!!!

Thankful for Trinity!!

I have been a traveling RN with Trinity for 2.5 years now. They have helped me get to every destination/job I have wanted in this time. I have never worked with another company but have plenty of friends that have. Their experiences have been far less positive than mine. I am paid weekly and on time. Any errors have always been addressed promptly. My contracts are written in clear language with no surprises. My recruiter is responsive to my needs. I don't feel like I am just a number. I intend to keep traveling with Trinity, hopefully for the duration of my traveling career. I wholeheartedly recommend them to other travel nurses!

Love Trinity

Ive been with Trinity since 2012 and I cant see myself with another travel company. In this day and time honesty is hard to come by but thats what this companies foundation is built on....honesty, fairness, and hard work. They work hard for their nurses, always trying to ensure job placement, in a timely manner. I have never had a problem with a conttact, getting paid or not having a call returned. My questions have always been answered and my recruiter has always been available to me. Its my personal opinion that you cant go wrong working with this company.

I Love Ren and Trinity!!

So let me start off by saying how picky I am and how I love customer service that exceeds my expectations. So, trinity is an amazing company that is beyond reproach and if there is a problem with anything they are always on top of it. I absolutely LOVE my recruiter Ren, she is so amazing and I would not have been traveling for the past 3 years if it wasn't for her. Ren is the recruiter of my dreams. She checks on me throughout my contract no matter the length or the number of extensions. Trinity's presence as a staffing company is felt and you know they have your back. My travels have truly helped me reach my goals and I know that I have the support of the best company. So hands down the best company ever for travelers. SO come join the family because that's exactly what it is at Trinity and if you want ask for Ren as your recruiter, she is the best. Love you Ren and Trinity. Thanks for the help and the support over the years!!


So housing is awesome with Trinity and in the past 3 years I haven't had any problems. If you want to find your own housing they will give your tax free stipend and let to find your own accommodations. If you want help not only will they include you in the decision of your housing, but place you at reasonable establishments that don't break the bank or require the police to be called. I'm not sure what all the tale on this site is about, but the housing is optional or a choice that is up to the nurse. So pick your housing if you don't like it and if you want help just ask! So many travelers have misconceptions of what travel nursing is and those misconceptions alter there view of a company. So after 3 years and numerous assignments my experience has been great all around!

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