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Location: Wilton, CT

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Nov 25, 2013 by discouraged

I am new to travel nursing and decided to go with Onward. WOW!!! Huge mistake!!!!


Sep 30, 2013 by Won't say

I've been a travel RN for awhile now. I decided to give onward a try because lured me with alot of bells and whistles. What a HORRIBLE mistake. This agency is by far the WORST agency. They do not keep promises. They don't deposit paychecks. They don't pay overtime that I worked for. A housing stipend??? Forget about it!! I had to sleep in my car for a week because they payed my housing late. When telling them I want out....they threatened to have me black balled from all agencies. They are crooked pimps who treat us like whores for their benefit.!!!! Stay away from this company.
I had to click 1 star.....but they are no stars!!!!

Stay away from Onward Health Care

Sep 30, 2013 by Won't say

Travel nurses BEWARE of Onward Health Care. This agency is the WORST agency I have ever encountered!!!! They lie, steal and cheat from you. They care nothing for you. In the travel RN world....they are pimps and the nurses are the prostitutes!!! There are so many other, good agencies to work for. Just stay far away from ONward. My experience has been the worst....not paying me what I was told. Keeping stipend money away from me. Iám starving and am about to lose everything because of how they are treating me. I don't know how any of them sleep at night.

1.0 1.0 3 3 I am new to travel nursing and decided to go with Onward. WOW!!! Huge mistake!!!! Onward Healthcare