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Low Down Dirty Dogs!!

Dec 25, 2014 by CKelly

This so called company is the most deceitful, and low down group of Shyster's I have ever come across. Simply? Ridiculous! Molly & Noel especially!. Molly is a liar. Noel is a jerk & Liar. They leave out vital information as far as your pay day frequency!! The most disturbing is then Molly continue to talk trash about what you are suppose ! to know by mind reading.

Nevertheless! They will loose valuable employee's because of their choices to treatment them like they are people.

I was never told I had to wait three weeks for my first paycheck. That's absolutely! unheard of. The issue of 3 week wait and talking down to people is unprofessional.
When I tried to contact, Elstupido! Molly!
she just ignored me. No response. WOW!

I cancelled the assignment. I was told now because, I refused to return to the job site. I would only be paid minimum wage!! Imagine! That!
There has to be a law for this INJUSTICE!!


Nov 14, 2014 by Gina

These people won't stop calling me trying to recruit me! I want NOTHING to do with them. I have told them repeatedly that I am not interested, and yet a different person calls me trying to recruit me. I have blocked them from calling! I guess they don't care that they are offending people even more by harassing them with recruitment calls and emails.


Oct 06, 2014 by tina

Most dishonest company ever. Rude, unreliable and dishonest. My recruiting agent Kristen lied and then tried to act dumb. Terrible pay. I They hold your check for two weeks and charge you (no one bothered to tell me) she would promise something and then not follow through. Lisa and he manager was rude and.very cold. Worse company. I'm with onward now and they are great.Baron is the. Best recruiter and cares about his nurses.

I must be easy!!

May 22, 2014 by Pat Keenan

I did not have awful experiences with nightingale at all. I worked with Molly, I assume the same as mentioned in another posting and found her to be sweet and professional at all times. She goes the extra mile to see that I am getting the assignment I want. the pay I found to be competitive with other agencies in the area. The only disappointing aspect was lack of health insurance as I was a 5 per center under Obamacare. One of the measley few that lost individual coverage with enactment of the law. I believe the changes in the HC environment led to nightingale dropping insurance. There can always be problems when dealing with multiple parties at the same time, miscommunications, hospitals changing their minds etc but how these issues are handled and resolved is what matters to me. Molly has never let an issue go unresolved and they are resolved to my satisfaction. I have not had any issues with any other member of this company either. I find my own housing so I cannot rate them on this. Overall my experiences have been very positive.


May 21, 2014 by Ena Feldhouse

I have worked with this company for almost 2 years. I have nothing but positive things to say about them. There were some issues, but my recruiter, Molly, handled them quickly and professionally. I will definitely work with her and this company again.

Nothing But BAD THINGS to say about them

May 16, 2014 by Kerrie

I was a travel nurse for about 4 years before accepting a staff position. After a few years that got a little "same ol'" and I decided to travel again. Nightingale was the first company I went with....what a NIGHTMARE! My first clue that I should've looked for another company was when they "lost" all of my documents, not once or twice but, THREE times.
My recruiter called me 3-4 times a day everyday until I signed the contract. After that, when I had a question, she was never available again regardless of how many e-mails, texts and voicemails I left for her.
I finally heard from her again when the assignment that I was on was 10 days from completion. She asked me where I wanted to go next. I promptly told her that I had decided to go with another travel agency for my next assignment and had already signed a contract with them. She told me, "you're just an old, burned-out ER nurse and we didn't want to work with you anymore anyway."
Really? WOW! I guess the hospital didn't feel the same way because they asked me to, please, either renew my contract or take a permanent position.
Save yourself the aggravation of low pay, recruiters who could care less about you and sub-standard housing and don't travel with Nightingale.

Worst nurse travel company ever!

Apr 22, 2014 by Sara

Nightingale Nursing Company is the worst travel company I have ever worked with. I have been a travel nurse for close to 3 years and I have never been treated so badly. I started working with Molly and realized quickly that we were not compatible and so requested a different recruiter. Three months went by and I was still being contacted by Molly, I finally called and made a complaint of harassment after receiving a long email from her highlighting everything that I do wrong. This situation was ridiculous and so unprofessional. Then, I received an email from our contact at the hospital thanking me for my hard work and telling me to turn in my badge on April 6th before I left on my last day. I contacted her and told her my last day was May 3rd and she told me to check with my company. I called on 3 different occasions asking when my end date was and all 3 times was assured it was May 3rd. I paid rent up until May 11th and have friends coming to visit with airline tickets. The hospital contacted me and said that they checked with Cross Country (this is the only hospital that Dell's children works with and so Nightingale subcontracted with them) and stated that my end date has been in their system the whole time as ending on April 6th and they didn't have it in the budget to keep me longer. Anyone from Nightingale could have just contact Cross Country or looked it up on the contract they had with Cross Country. I signed a contract with Nightingale. I have talked to many people at Nightingale and no one is taking responsibility for any of this mess in fact they have told me numerous lies about Cross Country and a faulty computer system. I finally talked to Ed the vice president of HR and he told me that this was my fault for signing a lease because nurse travel jobs can end at any time. I was asking for reimbursement for the rent that I paid while not working. He told my that I should contact a lawyer because Nightingale wouldn't give me any money unless I took another assignment with them. I called Noel my recruiter the next day and was told that he talked with the owner of the company and the owner said the same thing, They will give me some type of bonus if I continue working with them. That is called blackmail and I will never work for this company again. They are horrible and do not care about their nurses, the only thing they care about is getting paid.

Look elsewhere

Oct 28, 2013 by BEBE

Lowest paying agency.
One recruiter was rude to me and hung up the phone.
Please do not use this agency for any travel assignments.
I wish there was a selection for no star.

Contract canceled due to error

Oct 12, 2013 by Laura F

I got hired for a six week contract for a hospital to 'go live' with a new charting system. I signed a contract with nightingale about one month prior to my start date. About two weeks before I was scheduled to start, I got a call from my recruiter asking me if I could change the dates of the contract or extend my current contract for an additional six weeks. Unfortunately, I had already signed a contract to begin after that contract finished. I asked if my contract was in jeopardy of being canceled. The recruiter assured me that it would be fine.
The Friday before my contract was supposed to begin, I got a call telling me that my contract was canceled.
It was canceled because Nightingale sent me a contract for the wrong dates. This hospital only needed me for a software change-- and they weren't going to keep me if my contract wasn't for those dates. I got no apology from Nightingale. INSTEAD- They blamed me. She said "This is what you get for taking a contract with another company." and Then she said, "It's not my fault you wanted to take a contract back in California just so you can see your boyfriend." Whoa- no need to get personal here.
Let's keep it professional Nightingale. Work on getting the dates right on my contracts so I can go to work. Not that complicated.


Jul 18, 2013 by BxGal

THEY HOLD your pay back a week and charge you if your contract ends for any reason. They are a disgrace.

Bad company to work for.

Jul 11, 2013 by BxGal

The recruiters will call you every day 24/7 like car salesmen. The director of nursing is an arrogant, condescending, know nothing, jerk.


Jan 30, 2013 by EJ

They have terrible insurance coverage. The recruiters will call you non-stop!

1.7 5.0 12 12 This so called company is the most deceitful, and low down group of Shyster's I have ever come across. Simply? Ridiculous! Molly & Noel especially!. Molly is a liar. Noel is a jerk Nightingale Nurses