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by Melisa on Nightingale Nurses
Loving tavel

I am on my second assignment with NN and loving every minute of it! I love that I can travel basically anywhere I want with my compact license and see the whole country! Nightingale has been so helpful and even though I am pretty low maintenance, they have helped me along with anything and everything I have needed throughout the process. My first contract was cancelled before I started because of census but they immediately found me another job in the same city and I was able to start just 1 week later! I am loving life right now with the best job and best agency!! Thank you guys!

by Nadine on Nightingale Nurses
Great company

No complaints - I have worked with several agencies and they are definitely not the worst out there. The payroll process stinks in the beginning but it's great at the end because you can take a week off between assignments and still get paid! My recruiter has been very attentive throughout my assignment and worked hard to find me my next one even though I was a little more particular about location this time. She made it happen! I noticed a negative comment which made me laugh. The nurse was complaining about the agency not paying him even though what it looks like is he walked off the assignment.. Why would you ever expect full pay if you walk off an assignment? You are leaving the agency and the hospital in a bind. That's ridiculous. So far, I would recommend Nightingale to other travel nurses.

by MARY BETH MILROY RN on Nightingale Nurses


by Jenny on Nightingale Nurses

I trust my recruiter with everything - been with the company for 2 years and they haven't steered me wrong yet! I must be easy!

by Christine on Nightingale Nurses
Nightingale Nurses #1 company

As I am finishing my 5th assignment with Nightingale Nurses, and Molly Anderson, I can say that I continue to be more than pleased... I recommend them to anyone who will listen!!! I look forward to continuing this fantastic journey in life with Nightingale Nurses and Molly guiding the way for me.

by Olawunmi on Nightingale Nurses
Always responsive and attentive

I have only completed one assignment with them but they have always been very attentive to my needs and concerns. I am only looking for a certain area and even after several months, my recruiter continues to follow up with me. Hopefully looking to get another assignment with them soon!

by Jenell on Nightingale Nurses
Love them

Great company to work for!

by Cecilia D on Nightingale Nurses
Very happy with my company

I have worked for Nightingale for the last three years, my recruiter is Molly Anderson. Firstly, I have always been paid on time, secondly, my contracts have always been dealt with exactly as they are set out. As an agency nurse the contracts are always tough. The hospitals will only employ Agency if they are desperate. So the workload is far heavier than a normal job. Molly has always been supportive and very helpful. I think that as an agency nurse, you work for the agency, not the hospital, therefore, it is the agency nurses responsibility to give the hospital a good impression of agency nurses.

Glad I gave them a chance

I am really glad I went with nightingale... I had seen several negative reviews on them but it's really hard to go off reviews because they tend to be from RNs who are bitter but I was still very hesitant, the job we were discussing was paying really well so I took a chance and I couldn't be happier that I did. My recruiter Catherine has done a great job for me and I never had an issue with payroll, etc. not happy about the payroll process but she was up front with me about it right off the bat and offered me an advance on my second week. Plus it's great to get 2 more paychecks after you end your assignment so you can take a week off between assignments and you are still getting paid! Glad I took a chance because they turned out to be great.

by Sharon on Nightingale Nurses
No issues

First off you kinda have to wonder how long "Jill" has been in contact with the company when she doesn't even know the proper name of Nightingale NURSES.. I just completed a contract with the company and I'm taking my week off before I take another one. My recruiter is Buddy and he is absolutely fantastic. No company is perfect but he has always been 100% responsive, caring and addressed any issues that arose. I will absolutely continue with nightingale at this time.

by Debra Feagin on Nightingale Nurses

I am writing this review regarding my recruiter Molly Anderson and the Nightingale Nurses. I think they are tops in my book. This is my first travel assignment and Molly has been absolutely on top of things every time I have a problem or issue. I couldn't have asked for a better recruiter. I am very happy with Nightingale Nurses and would recommend this company and my recruiter Molly to anyone. Thank you Molly for all that you do. You are the greatest!

by David on Nightingale Nurses
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I have been a travel nurse for just about 1 year and have been a nurse for....a long time. I have found Nightingale Nursing to be a great company to work for. My manager is Molly and no, I am not one of her friends posting a good review for her. I have had a few problems that she has gone above and beyond to fix. She shows concern and is always available. She and has never been short, or rude in any way. She is one of the reasons I continue with Nightingale.

by Corlissa on Nightingale Nurses

I have worked with Nightingale for over 5 years and I have never had a problem that wasnt handled quickly and professionally. Molly Anderson routinely goes out of her way to do her job and keep her nurses happy. I was recently unfairly terminated from a position and the staff at Nightingale took the time to listen to my side of the story and worked very quickly to find a new assignment for me.
I've read several reviews complaining because recruiters had the nerve to ask not to be called at home during time with their own families. Well how dare insist on their private time being their own. The obscene thing is that these complaints seem to come from people who had some type of issue concerning their own families.
My experience with Nightingale has been wonderful. I have referred many nurses to Nightingale and I will continue to do so. And if anyone chooses not to use this wonderful service because of these spiteful reviews then it is most definitely their loss.

by Leeann on Nightingale Nurses
Very professional and thorough

I have been associated with Nightingale for some time now and it's been nothing but a pleasure, especially having the comfort of knowing that I have great people in my corner like Molly. I would definitely recommend.

by Eileen on Nightingale Nurses
Great company

I have been with Nightingale for about a year now and I haven't had any issues! I have a great recruiter who I have a great relationship with. I did have 1 issue once with payroll but it was on the facility's side, they missed some of my hours but my recruiter addressed the issue immediately and the company sent me a wire for missed ours the same day! I would absolutely recommend Nightingale to other travel nurses.

Molly from Nightingale nursing

I was talking with Molly from Nightingale nursing. She seemed very friendly at first but when I told her that I didn't feel like I was being communicated with correctly she immediatly started messaging me about how I wasn't easy to work with and how she had been busting her "butt" off for me. I found it to be very unprofessional of her.

by Martha on Nightingale Nurses
I Love Nightingale Nurses!

I just read a recent review by a nurse on March 7th from Debbie. I must say that this review is completely inaccurate. I have had a tremendous experience with Nightingale Nurses and Molly as my recruiter. Being a travel nurse for the better part of a decade, I have had no issues with any agency I have worked for. The issue with a portion of travel nurses is their sense of entitlement and their belief that the agency should be the one managing every aspect of their life outside of the assignment. The fact that the nurse who wrote the review below actually needed money from their agency directly speaks to the person she is. Get your own life in order before you take a travel assignment and stop blaming the agency who is finding you a position for your obvious shortcomings.

That being said, I 100% suggest Nightingale Nurses and Molly for your next assignment. You do not find a recruiter with the heart and compassion that she has. She always went the extra mile for me!

by Debbie on Nightingale Nurses

You know - Looking back... I should probably mention some other things.. about 2 years ago when Katie left, Molly contacted me. I asked her to submit me to several places because I really needed a job. She got me an interview and an offer @ Rapid City Regional - But I disappeared for a few days before telling Molly it was the insurance that kept me from working with Nightingale. I also told her that the twins had a medical emergency - I must have forgotten about that on my last post. I then filed for unemployment with NN in the several months following but I was denied.. So I called Molly back and we began working together sometime in March of 2015. Molly gave me her personal cell phone number so I could contact her any time - which I did. But she didn't mind. I completed a couple assignments with no issues, everything was great. I got everything I needed from Nightingale even several advances even though the company policy is 1 per assignment. In September of 2015, I accepted an assignment @ University of Maryland Medical Center - When I got there the weekend before my assignment, it was a Sunday, I was informed one of my dear family member's was killed in a car accident. I called my recruiter immediately and she cried with me and told me that no matter what, everything would be ok - If I could not take the assignment, Molly would let the facility know and all that mattered was getting home to my family. I told her I still wanted to take the assignment but I needed to delay my start date 1 week. She let the facility know and they said that would be fine and to take whatever time I needed. I spent all my savings on a flight back home, then I went back and started 1 week later as agreed. Against policy, Molly was able to change me from stipend to housing since I had no more money, I sent her receipts and she reimbursed me the 2 nights I had spend the week prior. I needed money but I already used my advance, I couldn't get another one so Molly sent me a $40 money gram that same day. I finished out the assignment and all was great. I told Molly I appreciated everything she had done for me, she always had my back when I needed her. When I was ready for a new assignment in February, we spoke about a contract in Jackson Hole, WY - It was a very expensive area and I knew that, I mentioned it to Molly. The pay was great, however and I accepted the contract with the stipend. When I got there 2 days before starting, I decided I had no money and I asked Molly to switch me to housing. This is a very difficult area to find housing so this was a lot to put on the company right before I started. But I don't care, they always make it happen! While I waited, I checked into a Super 8 Motel. I didn't mind it there so I asked Molly if they could just book my hotel there. So they did... Molly told me if I sent her receipts, she would reimburse me like usual. I thought I sent the receipts and when Friday came, I didn't see a reimbursement so I was very very angry and I texted Molly at 7p demanding my money! She told me that if I was going to approach her that late on a week night when she is at home with her 8 month old baby, I shouldn't expect a response. That's understandable. The next day I resent her the receipts and received a wire the same day. I was upset with the way Molly spoke with me, so I requested a new recruiter and they put me with Lynn, who is fantastic. I ended up being terminated from the Jackson Hole position for clinical reasons. This is my 4th termination with Nightingale Nurses but they still continue working with me. The end.

by Nurse on Nightingale Nurses
E-mail overload

I've never worked for this company. However, I did receive over 60 e-mails from their recruitment center within a 10 minute time frame. I'm not sure if it was a system glitch, but I was not happy.
I've asked before to be taken off their contact list, yet I still receive their mail and occasional phone call.

by Debbie on Nightingale Nurses
Nightingale travel nurses

I have been with nightingale for about 7 years now. My first recruiter Katie Bennett was the best. Then about a yest ago they gave me molly. I do not understand how anyone can say she is professional, really i think she had her friends review her, i find her very unprofessional. My daughter in-law was having my sons twins and i wanted to be home to help her out for a few months, molly accused me of going with another company and said i didn't need to make things up. Then when they asked me to pay my own housing till they could arranged housing she accused me of being demanding because i need my money back the week after i started, the money was my food and gas money for work! Then when i called her at 6:30 pm she told me not to expect a reply while she was at home with her family. She even told me that i needed to go with another company. I am going to get hold of the CEO on Monday and forward all the insulting texts i have received from her. I am now stranded in another stated with no money to get to work or buy food. I can not believe how they hound you to sign the contract then can not get hold of anyone. I have honored all my contracts even after my son was killed in a car crash, i went home for a week then went to my assignment. I have thousands of dollars in expenses from the accident so i have no extra cash, molly is aware of this yet she makes no effort to repay the money i paid out the first few days i was here on assignment. She acted as though it was my fault i did not send receipts, well i looked and yes i did send them, she said she did not receive them. They have put me in motel 6 at 200.00 a week and took 500.00 a week from my pay. I cant believe all this is happening after staying with them for 7 years. Oh and the insurance is crap, they said i would have better insurance in March, now i am stick with a huge ER bill. I did not know that the insurance pays the 100.00 deductible and you pay the rest. What kind of insurance is that?

by CHRISTINE b on Nightingale Nurses

Hideous, horrible company who do not respect nurses at all and STEAL their hard earned salaries!!! All the worst imaginable happened with this company. Be warned! Stay away! They took over $3000 from me and did not pay me subsidy for housing in Eureka. I had a family emergency but still gave 30 day notice and felt both the agency and hospital were working with me. They TOOK my last 2 checks and threatened me with their contract and being in Florida!!! Told me I could do nothing. However, I would like to get all these nurses together and start a class action suit if possible. I have worked for many agencies and nurse-owned is preferred but this travel nurse business is getting to be nothing but a SCAM. They take so much money and work you in the very worst situations. What's worse is that they LIE about it. They kept me on a string promising a contract and it took MONTHS! I went through 3 recruiters in 2 weeks. What does that tell you?? Must be how they treat their employess. I will be contacting Florida state agencies to see what can be done as THEY SHOULD NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS ILLEGAL TREATMENT STATING IT IS IN YOUR CONTRACT. SOPMETHING IS NOT RIGHT ABOUT THIS COMPANY. THEY WILL BE INVESTIGATED.

by Angela on Nightingale Nurses

Believe all of the negative reviews. Dishonest-recruiter actually changed my resume and made it look like the ER's I worked in were larger than what they were. I refused to sign the form that asked me to acknowledge that the info in my resume was accurate.
They didn't pay me for three weeks then when I was let go for allegedly "not being flexible enough" with my schedule they paid me minimum wage for the last weeks of hard work in an over crowded insane ER. They said if I tried to sue them for the money "I would lose" because they never lose. They also said they could charge me 3k because the contract ended early for their expenses. I asked what expenses because there were no travel or licence expenses. They couldn't answer but just said: consider yourself lucky we aren't suing you for the 3k. They got paid "all" of the money by the hospital for those three weeks but I received minimum wage??? Their former Nursing Director Carol has retired which is good because she was very hard core. This agency says they care about nurses but it is not true. The owners wife was a nurse once many many years ago. Go with a nurse owned company or any other company than this one. They do say very rude things and don't even provide healthcare when every other agency does.

by Christine on Nightingale Nurses

I have been with Nightingale Nurses for 3 contracts ( one of which I extended 3 times) and the same recruiter, Molly Anderson. I have have all positive experiences. Molly is always available, even on weekends and in the few occasions I have needed something "after hours". ( because as we know.. Lives don't stop after 5 pm and in the weekends) Travel nursing has changed my life and I am incredibly happy with Nightingale Nurses. I get DOZENS of calls daily from other companies, I know other options are out there, but I am paid great, have had zero problems over my time with them, and have to make ONE call to Molly who takes care of any needs I have. I highly recommend this company, and Molly, for anyone, even first time travelers who need a little more guidance... Great company, great recruiter, wouldn't change a thing.

by RN NURSE on Nightingale Nurses
had terrible experience with the agency

Recruiter was Molly Anderson. Sent me to an assignment, never even called to find out when I arrived there. The staff is clueless and disorganized. Read your contract's small print, they are very slick. Hated my assignment in Oregon and decided it was not for me. That's when the agency turned into rude and threatening. Never paid me full amount, just $10. per hour, even though they got paid. I swore never ever work with them. Unprofessional. With millions of good agencies out there, pass this one..

Look elsewhere

The most harrassing company I have ever delt with. I contacted them 2 assignments ago and quickly decided I wasnt interested. They continue to call sometimes multiple times a day, text, and email. I have threated harrassment charges if it dosent stop, but I just received another email. Their number is blocked, but im sure im receiving calls as well. They will call back to back and never give me a moments peace.

by Amber on Nightingale Nurses
Good Agency

I had Melissa Luneau as a recruiter. she was available to me 24/7 and would help me at anytime I needed her during the contract. She went above and beyond for me at all times and was honest about what Nightingale did offer and did not offer. I felt comfortable knowing I always had a life line when I traveled. The pay was pretty decent and I got a raise on both of my extensions.

by kelly on Nightingale Nurses

Listen......this is a very unprofessional company, worst company i have ever come across in my ten years as a travel nurse. No details here......but i was threatened and harassed by my recruiter and charged 800.00 when i ended my contract. JUST as hospitals have the right to cancel your contract at anytime. SO, DO NURSES have the right to cancel at anytime!

by judith on Nightingale Nurses

i have worked two contracts with this company. I only had a problem with my recruiter returning phone calls. I was paid on time and correctly. I did speak to a higher up in the company about return phone calls. no other complaints and the pay was very good.

by Beth A on Nightingale Nurses
Very Happy

Don't believe everything that you read on the internet is all I can say! I have had a great experience with Nightingale and have for the past 3 contracts. I happen to know that one of the nurses who wrote one of the reviews was fired from a hospital I worked at in Jupiter so you have to ask yourself before you are so quick to judge someone. I would recommend anyone to work for them!

by Karen K on Nightingale Nurses
Great Agency!

I have worked for Nightingale Nurses for almost 3 years. I am called constantly by other companies so I know there are other jobs out there for me. The recruiters are persistent- but don't you want the person finding you a job to be persistent? My recruiter has been there for me the entire time- she answers the phone, email, texts when I need her. When I got to the hospital and they had me floating to a unit that was outside my scope of practice I called my recruiter and the problem was solved immediately. Maybe I am school, but if you sign a contract and you don't fulfill your end of it would you expect to not be penalized? I am very happy with my decision to continue with an agency that has always had my back- where I am more than just a number.

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