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by CHRISTINE b on Nightingale Nurses

Hideous, horrible company who do not respect nurses at all and STEAL their hard earned salaries!!! All the worst imaginable happened with this company. Be warned! Stay away! They took over $3000 from me and did not pay me subsidy for housing in Eureka. I had a family emergency but still gave 30 day notice and felt both the agency and hospital were working with me. They TOOK my last 2 checks and threatened me with their contract and being in Florida!!! Told me I could do nothing. However, I would like to get all these nurses together and start a class action suit if possible. I have worked for many agencies and nurse-owned is preferred but this travel nurse business is getting to be nothing but a SCAM. They take so much money and work you in the very worst situations. What's worse is that they LIE about it. They kept me on a string promising a contract and it took MONTHS! I went through 3 recruiters in 2 weeks. What does that tell you?? Must be how they treat their employess. I will be contacting Florida state agencies to see what can be done as THEY SHOULD NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS ILLEGAL TREATMENT STATING IT IS IN YOUR CONTRACT. SOPMETHING IS NOT RIGHT ABOUT THIS COMPANY. THEY WILL BE INVESTIGATED.

by Angela on Nightingale Nurses

Believe all of the negative reviews. Dishonest-recruiter actually changed my resume and made it look like the ER's I worked in were larger than what they were. I refused to sign the form that asked me to acknowledge that the info in my resume was accurate.
They didn't pay me for three weeks then when I was let go for allegedly "not being flexible enough" with my schedule they paid me minimum wage for the last weeks of hard work in an over crowded insane ER. They said if I tried to sue them for the money "I would lose" because they never lose. They also said they could charge me 3k because the contract ended early for their expenses. I asked what expenses because there were no travel or licence expenses. They couldn't answer but just said: consider yourself lucky we aren't suing you for the 3k. They got paid "all" of the money by the hospital for those three weeks but I received minimum wage??? Their former Nursing Director Carol has retired which is good because she was very hard core. This agency says they care about nurses but it is not true. The owners wife was a nurse once many many years ago. Go with a nurse owned company or any other company than this one. They do say very rude things and don't even provide healthcare when every other agency does.

by Christine on Nightingale Nurses

I have been with Nightingale Nurses for 3 contracts ( one of which I extended 3 times) and the same recruiter, Molly Anderson. I have have all positive experiences. Molly is always available, even on weekends and in the few occasions I have needed something "after hours". ( because as we know.. Lives don't stop after 5 pm and in the weekends) Travel nursing has changed my life and I am incredibly happy with Nightingale Nurses. I get DOZENS of calls daily from other companies, I know other options are out there, but I am paid great, have had zero problems over my time with them, and have to make ONE call to Molly who takes care of any needs I have. I highly recommend this company, and Molly, for anyone, even first time travelers who need a little more guidance... Great company, great recruiter, wouldn't change a thing.

by RN NURSE on Nightingale Nurses
had terrible experience with the agency

Recruiter was Molly Anderson. Sent me to an assignment, never even called to find out when I arrived there. The staff is clueless and disorganized. Read your contract's small print, they are very slick. Hated my assignment in Oregon and decided it was not for me. That's when the agency turned into rude and threatening. Never paid me full amount, just $10. per hour, even though they got paid. I swore never ever work with them. Unprofessional. With millions of good agencies out there, pass this one..

Look elsewhere

The most harrassing company I have ever delt with. I contacted them 2 assignments ago and quickly decided I wasnt interested. They continue to call sometimes multiple times a day, text, and email. I have threated harrassment charges if it dosent stop, but I just received another email. Their number is blocked, but im sure im receiving calls as well. They will call back to back and never give me a moments peace.

by Amber on Nightingale Nurses
Good Agency

I had Melissa Luneau as a recruiter. she was available to me 24/7 and would help me at anytime I needed her during the contract. She went above and beyond for me at all times and was honest about what Nightingale did offer and did not offer. I felt comfortable knowing I always had a life line when I traveled. The pay was pretty decent and I got a raise on both of my extensions.

by kelly on Nightingale Nurses

Listen......this is a very unprofessional company, worst company i have ever come across in my ten years as a travel nurse. No details here......but i was threatened and harassed by my recruiter and charged 800.00 when i ended my contract. JUST as hospitals have the right to cancel your contract at anytime. SO, DO NURSES have the right to cancel at anytime!

by judith on Nightingale Nurses

i have worked two contracts with this company. I only had a problem with my recruiter returning phone calls. I was paid on time and correctly. I did speak to a higher up in the company about return phone calls. no other complaints and the pay was very good.

by Beth A on Nightingale Nurses
Very Happy

Don't believe everything that you read on the internet is all I can say! I have had a great experience with Nightingale and have for the past 3 contracts. I happen to know that one of the nurses who wrote one of the reviews was fired from a hospital I worked at in Jupiter so you have to ask yourself before you are so quick to judge someone. I would recommend anyone to work for them!

by Karen K on Nightingale Nurses
Great Agency!

I have worked for Nightingale Nurses for almost 3 years. I am called constantly by other companies so I know there are other jobs out there for me. The recruiters are persistent- but don't you want the person finding you a job to be persistent? My recruiter has been there for me the entire time- she answers the phone, email, texts when I need her. When I got to the hospital and they had me floating to a unit that was outside my scope of practice I called my recruiter and the problem was solved immediately. Maybe I am school, but if you sign a contract and you don't fulfill your end of it would you expect to not be penalized? I am very happy with my decision to continue with an agency that has always had my back- where I am more than just a number.

by Danuta M on Nightingale Nurses
Bad experience!

I just to warn people that the nursing director of the company will not let you to defend yourself. She will believe in anything they will say.She told me that I should work with scachted cornea. She told me that I should have covered my eye with a path and keep working. The condition is very painful. If someone doesn't believe me, please look it up. Also, if the hospital terminates your employment, they will rip you off. Please, read carefully the contract before signing it(page 3 or 4).The medical benefits they provide are very bad.My recruiter was great and his name was Toni.

by Kristin on Nightingale Nurses
Scum!!!! Stay Away!!!!

I have been interested in travel nursing for sometime and started to reach out to some agencies to see what was available where I wanted to travel to. So my contact at Nightingale was Melissa Luneau, she seemed pleasant so I began the process of finding a hospital through them and as of last Thursday when I last spoke to her she had told she had 2-3 potentials and I maybe receiving a call for a hospital interview. I told her I was scheduled to work night shift Thursday night till Monday and for them to call either early morning or late afternoon so I wouldn't miss the call. Thursday I go in at 7pm as planned, at 1130pm I get a frantic call at work from my 12 year old daughter saying she thinks she had to call 911 for my husband because he told her he was having chest pain and couldn't breath and my husband was on his way by ambulance to the hospital. I left went to the hospital and luckily had some good friends to go stay with my 3 children ages 2-12. He was stable and scheduled for catch lab the next day, moving forward his cath found multiple blockages and stent were not options. He remained in ICU over the weekend and went into a triple bypass first thing Monday and due to complications he remains on a ventilator in ICU as of today Tuesday. Now needless to say I have been overwhelmed and yes I received a call from one hospital Friday morning and couple of calls from Nightingale Friday and Monday along with one email asking me to call, but honestly it was not a priority to me as I'm sure to most in wouldn't be in the same situation. This morning-

I will let the hospital know you have gone MIA…

I hope nothing has happened to you… but in the chance that you are okay- professional courtesy would be to update the recruiter that spent the time to submit you and get your packet together. That way I don’t get charged and you do not come off as unprofessional with the hospital. It takes time away from other nurses who really need/want a job. I work hard at what I do and I don’t think that standard is difficult to meet. A simple email or text that you have found something else or you are unavailable would have sufficed.

So mind you it had only been since Thursday when I last talked to her, but I did have a chance to respond and explain because I did not want her to think I was jumping to another agency, which I have signed no contract so it's my right but I tried to do the right thing-

Hello Melissa,

I want to apologize for seeming like I was ignoring you and I was but not to be mean or unprofessional it was because my husband had an MI on Thursday night went to the cath lab Friday afternoon seen to have three significant blockages that a stent would not be beneficial for two of them so he spent the weekend in ICU and yesterday morning had triple bypass. He is still in ICU and due some complications he is still on a ventilator and they think he maybe for the next 48hrs at least. Needless to say I am not in the position to do any interviews at this time and it will probably be a while till I can consider travel nursing but I want to thank you for all your assistance and again I apologize for the inconvenience.

I sent that at 1218pm today, later this evening my mother who flew in from Boston to help said she would stay at the hospital so I can go home shower and bring my children some dinner and just see them and she was to use my husbands phone since hers didn't have good service to call me if anything happens and I need to get back ASAP. I'm at the supermarket getting something for dinner when my phone rings caller ID says my husband calling and my heart is in my throat, I answer and a man says he is a recruiter from Nightingale, I unfortunately don't remember his name because I was so upset by what happened next- he asked what kind of person I was that I couldn't manage to return their last 10 phone calls over the last week, I said I'm sorry how is your number showing as my husband and he said well when useless nurses like yourself decide to ignore us we change the caller ID to reflect your emergency contact so you will answer and explain yourselves for being so unprofessional, I responded by saying first I last talked to her Thursday not over a week ago, second I emailed her today explaining what my current situation was, he proceeded to say "No you didn't, no you didn't!! I think you are a no good liar and I hope you can live with yourself for lying" So at this time I told him to go F### himself and hung up. I can not believe this company is in existence!!! Please do not go near them because if this just how the recruiting process can go imagine how working for them is. I'm just grateful I did not get any further with them before finding out what kind of company they truly are!!!

by cynthia schmer on Nightingale Nurses
time will tell

this was one of my first assignments as a traveler. I went to a hospital that was just starting to use the computer. I thought I would never get through it, but with support of my recruiter and the instructor I did. I have never thanked Katy for being there when I needed her the most- but she was without a doubt very protective and dedicated to her nurses. Katy- thanks for the beginning of a 20 year travel- which now I am retired.

by ronald on Nightingale Nurses

Started an assignment with poor administrative process for travelers. No orientation, no access to glucometer despite q 1hr accu-checks, no computer access, told to "paper chart". Complained to agency. "just hang in there"time Agency forgot to put in my time off. When I asked for it management said it was not in contract. When I asked to review contract was told I should have read it first. After 2 weeks working. Settling call early one am to go to "orientation" scheduled to work that night
called agency to inform them. called hr at hospital to find out what to do. told to wait for phone call that never came. called agency back was told I'm terminated. for not being flexible and difficult to work with. Days later NIGHTINGALE adds insult to injury by paying me minimum wage and subtracting all housing and stipend pay. Paycheck for 36hrs as an icu RN 175.00 stated they charged me for assignment because my attitude did not allow them to renegotiate contract (Carol Tibett). Later get call from payroll (Matt).you owe us $3000.00 if you sue you will lose because "we never lose"

by Angie Thompson on Nightingale Nurses
Great Company to work for

I have worked for this company since October of last year. Prior to signing up, I read the reviews and was a bit apprehensive, but, it turns out that I didn't have any problems working with this agency. My recruiter, Lynn Merit, was awesome and helped me every chance she got. If I ever need to travel again, it will definitely be with Nightingale.

This is great!

These comments are great! Nightingale has been the best agency ever to work for, not one issue and they are continually responsive to my needs and/or questions! No doubt in my mind all these negative comments are from RNs that could not read a contract, fulfill there commitment or got fired for poor nursing skills. Beware of what you read, great company if you are looking for travel nursing!

by James on Nightingale Nurses
Abusive middle-men

Have you ever stopped and thought about the whole nursing agency business?! Why are they here? What do they really DO?! Nurses are educated and trained healthcare professionals that are in high demand in less than ideal places to live. Yet, for some reason, we cannot just search job postings and apply to temporary positions. Typically, healthcare facilities do not work with individuals and only deal with agencies. There is a fundamental problem that nurses have to sacrifice so much for so little, however, one cannot change the system and must accept that these paperwork filing middlemen are not going away anytime soon. The agency will look for jobs and submit you which saves you no time in the end, and forces you to work with an annoying phony salesperson. Usually a recruiter is payed on commission which is the unfortunate catalyst for disingenuous, manipulative, and unscrupulous behaviors imposed upon an unsuspecting nurse. Nurses are not usually cut-throat business-minded types, rather, they are healers by nature and thus, easy targets for greedy types. This company has the primary objective to make the most money, with the least work, and utilize Machiavellian tactics to achieve their aims. They do not want to build relationships for the long-term, they want to take advantage until you say "uncle" and vow to never work with them again. They WILL lie, and bully, and use cleverly developed contracts to achieve their aims. If you do sign with them, the worst experience will be that when you meet other travelers on assignment, and you discuss how much you're making you will encounter gruesomely shocked faces that mouth the unsettling fact that you have been awesomely screwed. Imagine your stomach turn as someone tells you how badly you have been undercut. Think about how angry you will be when you worked extra overtime shifts only to find out 3 weeks later you make less on extra days than you do one scheduled days because you don't get "per-diem" pay on extra days-neither will you make time-and-a-half pay, even on holidays, even Christmas. Stay away. They need to go out of business.


Over three thousand dollars stolen from me. Dont do jt.

by Joscelyn Chronopoulos on Nightingale Nurses


by wanderer on Nightingale Nurses

Thought this might be these guys. Ran across them in 1987 in West Palm Beach. At that time about 50% of staff RNs were agency in all hospitals.
The hospitals formed the South Florida Hospital Assoc. All except county facilities. In Fact Fed. Govt. told them to cease and desist. They selected 7 agencies to work on PBC. Put approx. 50 businesses out of business. This is why Feds stepped in.
On the day this started Nightingale had never placed a hospital RN only LTC.
A friend worked for them and they called me one Sunday and offered me work than night in any ER I wanted to work in. They had never seen my resume or credentials.
SFHA argument to feds was that this was the way to insure good quality care. I made a sworn statement to the what a happened above. I only wish I had been able to work but I could not. I had been by the pool that afternoon and had a beer. I will not work when I have consumed alcohol.
I left South Florida and will not go back because of all of this.
Never will work for the 7.

by marilyn shaw on Nightingale Nurses

worse in history they are so phoney and liars above anybody sdealing with nurses they insult the profession and recruiters you cannot falsify stories about nurses teminate these losers please they lie to other nurses about you not allowed like hippa you should fine them

by RN Disappointed on Nightingale Nurses
What a Racket .. DON'T DO IT

Never work for this organization. They are the most heartless, inconsiderate, greedy agency that ever existed. They are without compassion or caring. They do not consider isolated, unforeseen events, such as A DEATH IN THE FAMILY!!!
One of the worst decisions I have ever made..

Don't do it!!!!

This travel agency cost me my RN license in one state and problems all around my nursing career. The manager is a huge LIAR, she will go beyond her call to get a nurse in trouble in a heart beat. THere are TONS of travel agencies that are out there for the nurses, Nightmaredale is definitely NOT one of them. Save yourself a headache, and look for employment elsewhere.

by travel nurse on Nightingale Nurses
There's a reason

There's a reason all these reviews are negative. I have worked for a few travel agencies and never had a problem TIL Nightengale. Yes the director of nursing is very rude. The provided housing is Extended Stay where you couldn't even get washclothes and the halls were littered with beer bottles. Trust these blogs and stay clear of Nightengale!

by Frances McCaul on Nightingale Nurses
OMG!!!! They Stink

This Co should not even get 1 star!!!!

What a Co!!! They do understand the "There is a Sucker born every minute". Yes I just got moved into that category. They love to do the bait and switch routine. They keep you busy with the fast talk while the contact says differently. I have to say the "recruiter" and not your account manager does promptly call you back and always with the "your contract really says that "...... But here is a new one.....instead of the paystub reading "Housing......$300.00; it says Other.......$00.00 because they need receipts showing you paid for housing"........Got to say it is a first for me.

Oh and the best part, they do not pay you until you have been at the hospital working for 3 weeks instead of 2 weeks. And their answer to that is "Oh the Account Manager went over this with you on the phone. And since he wrote it in his notes, it must be gospel." The best part is in their contract it plainly states "no employee of Nightingale may change contract orally" but sadly [for me] they do.

I guess getting burned is the only way I learn. To bad and sad for me.

by CKelly on Nightingale Nurses
Low Down Dirty Dogs!!

This so called company is the most deceitful, and low down group of Shyster's I have ever come across. Simply? Ridiculous! Molly & Noel especially!. Molly is a liar. Noel is a jerk & Liar. They leave out vital information as far as your pay day frequency!! The most disturbing is then Molly continue to talk trash about what you are suppose ! to know by mind reading.

Nevertheless! They will loose valuable employee's because of their choices to treatment them like they are people.

I was never told I had to wait three weeks for my first paycheck. That's absolutely! unheard of. The issue of 3 week wait and talking down to people is unprofessional.
When I tried to contact, Elstupido! Molly!
she just ignored me. No response. WOW!

I cancelled the assignment. I was told now because, I refused to return to the job site. I would only be paid minimum wage!! Imagine! That!
There has to be a law for this INJUSTICE!!


These people won't stop calling me trying to recruit me! I want NOTHING to do with them. I have told them repeatedly that I am not interested, and yet a different person calls me trying to recruit me. I have blocked them from calling! I guess they don't care that they are offending people even more by harassing them with recruitment calls and emails.


Most dishonest company ever. Rude, unreliable and dishonest. My recruiting agent Kristen lied and then tried to act dumb. Terrible pay. I They hold your check for two weeks and charge you (no one bothered to tell me) she would promise something and then not follow through. Lisa and he manager was rude and.very cold. Worse company. I'm with onward now and they are great.Baron is the. Best recruiter and cares about his nurses.

by Pat Keenan on Nightingale Nurses
I must be easy!!

I did not have awful experiences with nightingale at all. I worked with Molly, I assume the same as mentioned in another posting and found her to be sweet and professional at all times. She goes the extra mile to see that I am getting the assignment I want. the pay I found to be competitive with other agencies in the area. The only disappointing aspect was lack of health insurance as I was a 5 per center under Obamacare. One of the measley few that lost individual coverage with enactment of the law. I believe the changes in the HC environment led to nightingale dropping insurance. There can always be problems when dealing with multiple parties at the same time, miscommunications, hospitals changing their minds etc but how these issues are handled and resolved is what matters to me. Molly has never let an issue go unresolved and they are resolved to my satisfaction. I have not had any issues with any other member of this company either. I find my own housing so I cannot rate them on this. Overall my experiences have been very positive.

by Ena Feldhouse on Nightingale Nurses

I have worked with this company for almost 2 years. I have nothing but positive things to say about them. There were some issues, but my recruiter, Molly, handled them quickly and professionally. I will definitely work with her and this company again.

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