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by Lauren celuch on Medical Solutions
Ready for an adventure!

My husband and I have been ER and ICU travel nurses for three years with this company and wouldn't dream of switching. We feel so loved and supported by the entire team. Our recruiter has invested in our lives and made our dreams and priorities a reality. I have heard in the travel nurse network that other companies pay a little more- but I've also heard horror stories of cancelled contracts, late pay checks and deceiving contracts. Let me assure you, whatever little money you may loose you will make up in peace of mind and assurance that you will be taken care of and that everything will be explained honestly. I've come to trust my recruiter so much that I frequently tell her "if you think we will like that city- then let's go for it!". Eileen Begely is seriously the best recruiter I could ask for. After one conversation with her, you will be filled with confidence and excitement and ready to drive across the country!. We gladly take the leap time after time with medical solutions and it is because of them that we have fallen in love with cities across America that we would have never thought to go to. If you are up for an adventure and want to be a part of a team that has your best interest- choose medical solutions.

I love medical solutions as a company. My recruiter Eileen Begley has been by my side since I started traveling. She is always honest and what they lack in pay they offer in reliability. Ive never once felt uneasy about their contracts and know that they are honest.

by V Meidl on Medical Solutions

Started out my first traveling assignment with this company in 2008, have had 4 changes in recruiters-3 were fantastic and 1 was a complete jerk! Present recruiter is Denise and she is the best of the best!! Always has your back, available whenever you need her, is a strong advocate for the RN. I have worked with 4 or 5 other companies over the last 9 years-some have been great and others have been awful-have been with this company exclusively for the last year. and a half.

by Dawn Stotler on Medical Solutions

I have had no significant issues with this company. Recruiter is nice and I get paid on time every time. I have enjoyed working for Medical Solutions and would recommend them to other nurses interested in traveling.

Don't work for them unless you like fighting for your paycheck

Nothing but trouble with my paychecks week after week. I got cancelled at least one shift every week and had to fight to get my guaranteed pay according to my contract. In the end I was still never paid for an entire shift that was owed to me. They would have shorted me LOTS of shifts if I didn't check my paystub and speak up. TERRIBLE. Go with American Mobile.

by Scarlett on Medical Solutions

I have been with Medical Solutions for almost a year now, and it is the best company I have had the opportunity to work for. I have been blessed with the best recruiter, Julie Fulton. She is amazing! She works very hard to find an assignment for mine and my partner's needs and never tries to pressure us into taking an assignment that doesn't fit our wishes/needs. She truly cares about her nurses and always striving to do what she can to help them. I consider her a friend not only my recruiter Nurses are not just a number with this company; they truly matter and always show appreciation. I appreciate this company and definitely my recruiter!! I highly recommend this company over any other because of the qualities they hold.

by Amy Votary on Medical Solutions

I cannot say enough good things about not only Medical Solutions as a company, but also my recruiter Mike McSorley. Going above and beyond is an understatement. He truly cares about his nurses and takes so much time and effort to let us know how appreciated we are. He has taken such incredible care of me during my time with Medical Solutions. I will never need another company or recruiter šŸ™‚

by Nicole Coco on Medical Solutions

I have worked with Medical Solutions for over two years and have completed multiple assignments in multiple locations. I HIGHLY recommend both this company and my recruiter, Erika Schermer. My Career Consultant works to find me the exact assignments I want (location, unit, shift, pay) and does not push me into taking something else- which is huge for me! I have worked with other companies that aggressively want to fill needs but Medical Solutions wants to set you up to be happy and succeed in your assignments. I am able to get a response to questions I have immediately and have great communication with my consultant. I will continue to work with both this company and my recruiter and recommend them to others I work with as well.

by Ashlie Hornbeck on Medical Solutions

Lindsay Thomas has been a godsend for me. She has been there for me through every step of the way. She goes above and beyond with every aspect of our working relationship. I consider her a friend!

by Ashton on Medical Solutions

great company

by Bethany Manas on Medical Solutions

Ted Merkin was my recruiter and he was awesome. He got my travel assignments started quickly and efficiently and was always informing me of opportunities where I could make better money. He was very friendly and always available when I needed to ask a question or had a problem. Also, they really make you feel like you're their number one priority. I stopped traveling in August and still got sent a gift for Christmas from Ted and the Medical Solutions team!! When I start traveling again, I can't wait to work with them again.

by Paula on Medical Solutions
Awesome and professional Recruiters

I have been working with 2 recruiters. Took me literally 2 days to submit for a job and get a hired start date! Thats amazing! No long enghthy process. They are very professional and made the process go smooth. Brian & Brett thanks again for all your assistance.

by Claudia on Medical Solutions
Happy Happy Traveler

I have worked with several companies and just love Danielle Angrest as my career consultant. She is always so supportive and available when I have questions. I have had a wonderful selection of facilities in the areas I have chosen. Not once have I felt neglected or just left to tread water without a life raft. The pay is fair and my contracts are great. Recommend this company highly!

Thank you Medical Solutions for simply doing what you say you're going to do. Thank you Medical Solutions for pairing me with my awesome recruiter, Aaron Bogren; one of The most professional, genuine and personable human beings i've ever encountered in this business. My experience has been thumbs up and five stars from the onset...from application/ licensing to my flight back home. It has truly been a pleasure working with you Aaron; I can only speak positively and look forward to continued success in our endeavors.


by Melissa on Medical Solutions

I worked with a different company before Medical Solutions, and I am so glad I switched! My recruiter, Mike McSorley, goes above and beyond to get me contracts I want and to help me with whatever I need before and during an assignment. He answers all my questions quickly and I know he is looking out for my best interests. I highly recommend Medical Solutions!

by Amber on Medical Solutions

Love my nurse recruiter Geri Kohler! She is always available to get a hold if I have any needs and always willing to help get things situated at every assignment. She is also great at getting me assigments in areas that I'm looking for! Would recommend this company 100%

by Lee Wisdom on Medical Solutions
Medical Solutions!

Medical Solutions has been fantastic to work for! Lindsay Thomas has made my experience with the company what it is! She's by far the only recruiter I've met that I trust completely and love working with. I have loved my time as a travel RT and can't wait to see where life takes me next!

by Bethany Thompson on Medical Solutions
Love my people!

Shout out to my awesome recruiter Mike McSorley and Megan Kirkpatrick in Comiance! Mike has gone above and beyond in helping me with contact placement and planning my next moves. He's always super easy to reach, very helpful with any questions I have regarding facilities, etc, and I love that he's not the kind of recruiter to pressure my choices at all. I have every confidence in my Medical Solutions team!

by Elizabeth Filbert on Medical Solutions

Medical Solutions has been an excellent company to work with. My recruiter works hard on my behalf and cares about his nurses. The company has excellent health benefits/insurance coverage, which is something you don't run across very often!

by Tim Merritt on Medical Solutions
Having the times of our lives

My wife and I are having the times of our lives and Medical Solutions and Mike McSorley is helping our dreams come true. My wife is an ICU nurse and I'm a trauma nurse in the ED. We have had the best time traveling over the past year. Mike our recruiter has gone above and beyond for us. They say it's all about your recruiter and they are right. I cannot imagine not having Mike in our corner he is always available and he always has our best interest at heart. Thank you Medical Solutions and more importantly, we want to say a huge thanks to Mike. Happy Holidays!!

The Merritt's

by Brianna on Medical Solutions

Absolutely wonderful experience working with Medical Solutions! My recruiter Mike makes me feel appreciated as a person and as a nurse. He is always quick to answer any questions and make sure my assignment is going well! Couldn't ask for anything better.

by Andrea on Medical Solutions
Favorite Company/Recruiter

I have used medical solutions for 2 contracts. Left for a company that had contracts in a specific location I wanted.... I came back as soon as I could! I feel like a valued employee with medical solutions and my Recruiter is the best! Mike is never pushy or never makes me feel bad when I ask for something! I recommend him to any nurse I meet who is interested in traveling!

by Emily on Medical Solutions

Medical Solutions came highly recommended so when I decided to travel nurse I decided to at least start by contracting with them. That was 3 years ago and they have never given me a reason to go anywhere else! Most importantly, my recruiter is fantastic. She is extremely supportive and I know I can go to her with any questions or concerns.


Honestly I think finding a good recruiter is more important than the company. But thankfully with medical solutions I have found both!

I couldn't ask for a better travel company with the very best in client managers.

by Elizabeth Tucker on Medical Solutions
Amazing experience with Medical Solutions / Mike McSorley

Absolutely awesome experience working with Mike and Medical Solutions! Never thought I could feel this appreciated as a nurse! I absolutely have my love and passion back for nursing! I will not be looking for any other company or recruiter!

by Sara Spillman on Medical Solutions

Medical Solutions has been wonderful company. They care about me and not just another number to fill a spot. I love my rep. They have worked with me in giving me areas I want to be in and its been great.

by Jessica on Medical Solutions

Medical solutions has been a great company to work for! Mark mine and my boyfriends recruiter has been wonderful. He's always available when needed and answers any questions or finds out the answer. This is our 2nd assignment with them and so far we have gotten the exact cities we wanted. I recommend them!

by Patrice Jones on Medical Solutions
Amazing Experience with Medical Solutions

At first I was indecisive about leaving my staff job for a traveling position. I ran into Austin Baeumlisberger who encouraged me to travel. Now I am on my first assignment and have no regrets. He is always checking on me and seeing how I'm doing, always available when I need to ask him questions 7 days a week not just when he's working. I am meeting other travel nurses and learning the town I'm currently working in. I heard so many horror stories from other travelers in regards to not hearing from their recruiter once their assignments start, not getting their questions answered in a timely manner, and paychecks not being on time. So far I'm on my fifth week and have no complaints. I informed myself that I did not want this to be a should have, would have, could have moment. Now that I experienced travel nursing, I refuse to go back to a perm job. Thanks Medical Solutions and Austin.

by Timothy Will on Medical Solutions

If you're looking for a new agency and decide on Medical Solutions; call Melissa Kersten 844.594.6772
I've not ever had an unsolvable problem. Everything goes smoothly, nearly every time. If I do have a concern, she responds appropriately and reasonably. I get my orientation packets with more then enough time to review. Any time I have had a question, Melissa was able to get me an answer pretty quickly. If there wasn't an immediate answer, she would let me know as much and when she did receive an answer I would be kept in the loop.

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