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by Jo Lyn Agan on Medical Solutions

Thanks to Steve Knapp for always being accommodating and available.He's just a pleasure to deal with. Very positive experiences.

by Laurie Beauchemin on Medical Solutions
Medical Solutions/ Steve Knapp

Excellent first travel experience. Steve Knapp has given me wonderful guidance & support. I was able to renew my contract because of Steve. He's a great advocate.

by Megan on Medical Solutions

Medical Solutions has been great to work with. They actually care about their nurses and take into consideration what they want instead of pushing them to take assignments. My recruiter, Tim, has been nothing but accommodating, understanding, and helpful in my travel nurse career with medical solutions. I would recommend him as a recruiter and Medical Solutions to anyone.

by Andrea Turner on Medical Solutions

This is my first travel assignment. I am very pleased with Medical Solutions. Shane McDonnell has been absolutely wonderful...he genuinely cares about my happiness. ..he is patient and answers any questions I have ad I am new to this ...and I feel like I can talk to him anytime I need to . I have a friend that has been with Medical Solutions for 5 years and with Shane and I know how pleased she is as well and I am proud to be a part of the team now.

by Michelle on Medical Solutions
Great so far!

I would love to say more because so far my experience has been incredible but I've only been on one assignment. Shane, my recruiter, has been exceptional. He looks out for you but isn't too pushy or bothersome. He worked with me and understood my different type of nursing background and found me a position that fits me perfectly. I have no desire to look for another company and plan on doing another assignment in 3 months. I can't say enough how great and honest I have been treated. I would recommend this company to anyone!

by Matt Powell on Medical Solutions
Medical solutions

I have worked with medical solutions and my career consultant Shane for over a year and a half and have never even thought about switching companies. The company and Shane take great care of my family and I and they are always ready to help with whatever we need. My career consultant is more than that, he's become a very good and trusted friend.

by Jessica Powell on Medical Solutions
Medical Solutions

Medical Solutions is a wonderful company! They care about their nurses and are very profesional, kind, supportive, and accommodating. My recruiter Shane is absolutely the most spectacular recruiter out there!!! The list would be too long to type on this review of the many reasons why I have no plans on changing travel nursing companies. I only have had one other travel company besides medical solutions before and am amazed at the many differences between the two. Medical Solutions is simply the best!!!

by Brittnee Deitz on Medical Solutions

I absolutely love working for Medical Sulutions! My recruiter
, Jeff Reece, is amazing to work with. I never feel neglected or unimportant. This is the best recruiter I've ever had and the best company to work for, hands-down!

by Kristen on Medical Solutions
Best Career Consultant Ever!

Amanda, my career consultant makes me feel like I am here number one priority. She is available when I need her and always makes sure I have the tools I need to do my job.

by Mollie on Medical Solutions

Medical solutions has always taken care of me. My recruiter Katie is the best! Katie listens to what I want and what I need and finds me exactly what I am looking for! I'm looking forward to continuing my career with my medical solutions team!

by Alyssa Coble on Medical Solutions

Medical solutions and my recruiter, Chris Palassis have taken care of me my entire travel nursing career. Chris goes above and beyond to ensure that I am happy with all of my assignments. If there is ever a problem, Chris is quick to get it solved and compensate me for any inconveniences. He is also always available when I need him even if it's own time. I would highly recommend Medical Solutions to fellow travelers!

by Brandy McGuire on Medical Solutions
Best company I've worked for!

I'm getting ready to enter into contract #6. I worked my first contract with a different company, with a recruiter that told me, "I know what you want better than you do." Then I found Medical Solutions and Chris Palassis. Absolutely top notch, and any issues I've had have been dealt with, usually within a couple hours. I know Chris has my back, and I can go to him with anything from the run of the mill questions to the big stuff. I love this company!

by Tonya Morgan on Medical Solutions
Amazing recruiter!!

My recruiter is Kelly Baker and she is amazing!!! I was very nervous about leaving a full time job to start traveling and she made the whole process very easy and stress free!! Over the last two years she has stood by me and supported me. She has become a friend and like part of our family!! My husband and kids adore her just as much as I do! I could not have a better recruiter!! She truly cares about her nurses!!!

by Jessica Powers on Medical Solutions

Kelly Baker is absolutely amazing! She is the best recruiter I could ever ask for and has become such a great friend also! She truly cares about her nurses and she proves it every day. The best recruiter EVER!

by Sara Price on Medical Solutions

I have loved working with Chris Palassis from Medical Solutions. He is very professional, honest, and friendly. He is always incredibly helpful and always willing to answer any questions any time of day. In my opinion Chris is THE BEST!!!!

by Juarez Emerson on Medical Solutions

Kelly Baker is the BEST! She is very humble @ all times; She offers honesty, integrity, and best if all positive vibes.

by Rosalyn Thomas on Medical Solutions

I love medical solutions as a company. I especially love my recruiter Chris Palassis!!!!!

by ALECIA HOLDER on Medical Solutions

KELLY BAKER IS THE BEST RECRUITER, I HAVE EVER WORKED FOR. Always honest and straight forward.

by Jonelle Stevens on Medical Solutions

Love Medical Solutions and Kelly Baker! Kelly makes my job as a traveler easy. Whenever there has been an issue, which is rare, she immediately handles it. I do not have to worry when Kelly is my recruiter!! Look forward to many more years!

by Hettie Watkins on Medical Solutions

I have been with my amazing recruiter, Kelly Baker, for about 10 years. As most of you know, your reruiter is your lifeline in the travel nursing industry. Kelly and Medical Solutiins have gone above and beyond time and time again. Without this support, i would not be able to do what i do. She is my extended family! Love her!

by Roseanna Christein on Medical Solutions
Medical Solutions

I have been a nurse for over 34 years and have traveled for at least ten of those years with many travel agencies. I have found Medical Solutions to be the best. They are honest, always available (24/7). I feel safe in their hands. I've had two recruiters since I've been with Medical Solutions, Kris Cannon and Kelly Baker. They are amazing people and I also consider them friends! Thank you for all you do for me!

by Deborah L. Kuntz on Medical Solutions
This is a great company to work with overall!

I have worked with other travel agencies and have less than stellar experiences. Medical Solutions, and my recruiter Rhonda Fogle in particular have been a great change from these previous companies. I have received timely, knowledgeable information when I need it and my recruitment process into my job was easy with all paperwork needs and any other needs clearly explained beforehand. I would highly recommend this company to the novice and/or experience traveler.

by Cheryl on Medical Solutions
Megan is the best!

I love working with Megan Hughes. She calls me weekly just to see how things are going. She isn't pushy. I like that I will get to stay with Megan no matter where I travel with Medical Solutions. I have worked with several other companies and the recruiter changes depending on where you go, I hated that! When you get a recruiter that you really like working with, you really don't want to change to a different one. She is the reason I will be staying with Medical Solutions

by Sandra Winnemueller on Medical Solutions
I love Medical Solutions!!!

I had been a traveler with another company and gotten ripped off by them. Seriously cheated on my pay, so was very skeptical about continuing to travel but heard good things about Medical Solutions so I gave them a call. Connected with Megan Hughes who has been a phenomenal recruiter!! I loved her right away, and she's always been there to help me work things out or has gone to bat for me with an employer, And I appreciate her so much! Medical Solutions pays great, very competitive! They've always been on time with my paycheck (which speaks volumes). They send me cool things by Fedex without me even knowing about them till they get there, which is just so incredibly nice!! Makes me realize that they appreciate having me as an employee. So, yeah, I won't go to work for anyone else. These guys just rock. They've been nothing short of fantastic to work for. Keep up the great work!!!

by Melissa Markee on Medical Solutions
Great Company to Work with

I worked with Medical Solutions, and my recruiter Bobbi Poole, for a year and a half. During that time I could have never imagined going with another company. Bobbi always had my back and was there if I needed anything. All my questions were always answered and she was always very transparent with offers. I had all the information up front and there was never a question if there was more she could offer me. She cared about my dog and me along the entire journey. And I know I'm not done forever as a travel nurse and she will definitely be the one I'm calling in the future when I travel again.

by Javelyn on Medical Solutions
Medical solutions

Always there for their nurses. Love medical solutions

by Kourtney on Medical Solutions
Medical Solutions is great!

Medical Solutions has been a great agency to start out with! First off, I love my recruiter. She's always there to answer any of my million questions, and she pays attention to what's happening in my life. I don't feel like just another employee with her, which is a nice change from what I was used to as a staff nurse.

Paychecks are always accurate, on time, and direct deposited each week. I love it! My only complaint as far as pay or benefits go is that they don't offer life insurance.

All in all, I would definitely recommend Medical Solutions, especially to a first-time traveler!

by R Hayden on Medical Solutions
Your friend in travel nursing

Working with Medical Solutions, Nick Penders particularly, made my travel experiences invaluable. Any traveler can expect quality customer service and memorable conversations when interacting with Nick; he has quite the sense of humor. He's more like a friend and less like a recruiter. I truly believe my travel experiences wouldn't have been as great without someone who had my best interest in mind while providing me numerous travel assignments around the country. I repeatedly recommend Medical Solutions to anyone interested.

by Brandi Peterson on Medical Solutions
HIGHLY recommended!

I've been traveling for the past 2.5 years. After a very brief (and scary) stint with another company - I found medical solutions to be my saving grace! I had been burnt and thrown under the bus by the other company and was ready to quit travel nursing until a fellow traveler recommended Medical Solutions (and my recruiter Nick Penders) to me. They were a complete game changer, and I've now been with them for the past 2 years.

They're reliable, loyal and overall good people to work with. I've never felt pressured to take an assignment I didn't like. I've always felt like I was getting the best opportunities with pay and location. Nick (and the whole medical solutions team) really look out for their travelers. They treat me with respect, kindness, professionalism, and dignity; and are genuinely invested in their travelers' lives.

AND they're incredibly pet friendly - a characteristic that both me and my fur child appreciate. 🙂

Medical Solutions is the best. I HIGHLY recommend them.

by Leah Reames on Medical Solutions
Bobbi Poole: god's gift to nursing

Everything about my last 1+years as an ER travel RN with Bobbi has been easy and wonderful. She is efficient, extremely knowledgable, no bullshit, hilarious, and consistently replies same day (despite our 3hr time difference). All of those things are appreciated more than she knows! Bobbi keeps my life as a single mom to a 4yr old boy in mind when presenting opportunities and sends only the absolutely necessary hoops to jump through for contracts as she values my time. Bobbi is the opposite of those recruiters whose calls you reject, even when you're literally doing nothing. She's amazing, and you couldn't pay me to work with anyone else at Medical Solutions!

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