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by Connie Bergfeld on Liquid Agents
Best place to work

I nothing but high praise for my recruiter, Dalton. He works hard to keep me happy. He seems to always have my back. Where ever i want to go he gets me there, along with a great paycheck.

by Joe McCallum on Liquid Agents
Liquid Agents

Better watch your hours...they seem to have a habit of not paying full overtime that you work...then if you decide to extend for another tour at a certain place they want you to sign a contract giving them all your overtime pay and want to work for far less than what you started at...corrupt dirty company...!!!!

by Tara Balliett on Liquid Agents

I LOVE LiquidAgents!! They are by far the best travel company I have ever worked with. Every assignment with them has gone so smoothly and my recruiter, Angie Ryu, has been with me every step of the way! She is always available for any questions I may have and has truly made my travel experience so easy! I have used one other company, and the experience was not even close to the attention and care I get from LiquidAgents. I can honestly say that this company really cares for their nurses. I cannot recommend LiquidAgents or my recruiter, Angie Ryu, highly enough.

by Denise Rozell on Liquid Agents

I researched a great deal before I decided to go with Liquid Agents Healthcare. I have never looked back. The company is professional and they have been very sensitive to my needs and issues: ex - really bad fit with a hospital. I hear so many travel RNs complaining about the agency they work for and I just feel blessed. My recruiter, Michelle McAfee, bends over backwards for me. She follows up with me routinely. Responding quickly when I send her an email. Michelle even checked on me when I was traveling and I was frustrated because I missed my turn and didn't want to go back to stay in a hotel overnight. Michelle went online, found me a hotel and even sent me the directions. She stays in touch, sings praises about the pics I send her. Seriously, I think I am very spoiled and other travel RNs tell me I am.

by ann on Liquid Agents

I am new to this company so far my experience has been great! Cassie Lee is very good recruiter, patient and people oriented. That make a big difference. Thank you Cassie!

by Rachael on Liquid Agents
Great Experience

I've had such a great experience with Liquid Agents and my recruiter Angie. She is the best! She gives me all the info I need to make the best travel decision with honesty and my best interest in mind.

by Teresa Steed on Liquid Agents
I love working with Hannah!!!

As a first time travel nurse I was a bit nervous heading to my first assignment but Hannah walked me through the whole process and has been there for me every step of the way. She calls me weekly to make sure things are going well and always takes care of any concern I have right away. She found me a contract close enough for me to be home every night for my next assignment. I am so happy I have had the opportunity to work with Hannah at Liquid Agents and look forward to working with her in the future!!!!

by Lynda R on Liquid Agents
LiquidAgents Healthcare

I have loved working with Liquidagents Healthcare over the last 12 years. They are honest, professional and I always trust they are taking good care of me. The recruiters are the best. I've worked with Cindy and Elizabeth. Would highly recommend them. Lynda

by Andrea Reese on Liquid Agents

My experience with LiquidAgents has been nothing but positive. I have been with them for almost a year and beyond thrilled I gave Cassie Lee the time when she called me. My traveling experience has been a delightful experience, from my pay scale,
benefits, and guidance as a new traveler. Thank you Cassie Lee, and to all the LiquidAgents staff, for all your dedication and diligent work.

by Sheila A Finan RN on Liquid Agents
Liquid Agents top rating

Thankyou again Liquid Agents and my recruiter/Account manager Jamison Reitinger,for another professional job well done on behalf of an experienced travel Ns who appreciates the support, assistance in all things related to a successful repeat, extended assignment. Its more then just a job, its the experience we all hope to have repeated in our CAREERS.THANKYOU JR & LA. Sheila

by Nnenna on Liquid Agents

My experience with liquidagents travel company has been mostly positive. Not only do they have jobs available nationwide, they have some of the most amazing recruiters, my recruiter is Richard Dunn and he is so amazing, he genuinely cares about my wellbeing. Any questions or concerns gets taken care of right away. He even responds to my texts on weekends! I would definitely recommend Liquidagents to any travel nurse.

by Anthony Blees on Liquid Agents

I have been working with Liquid Agents healthcare for over two years now. My experience with this agency has been amazing. They offer great pay, excellent service, and numerous job opportunities across the nation. My recruiter John Perez is on top of everything that goes on and is always a text or phone call away. I feel comfortable when i am on the road with this company having my back, which is important when you are miles away from home. Anyone interested in jumping into travel nursing should definitely give this agency a chance and let them show you the quality service they have shown me.

by Ellen Dinzler on Liquid Agents
Best Travel Nurse Company

Chad is my recruiter. He has worked very hard to keep me happy. Chad has made my job so easy and is there for me when I need him. The Company pays well and always pays on time. I have been working for this company for 2 years. Liquid Agents has been wonderful to me. Everyone is genuinely nice. Travel Nursing is not an easy job and many things can go wrong. The staff at Liquid Agents will go out of their way to help the nurses. I am truly happy. Thank You Chad and all the staff at Liquid Agents. Ellen Dinzler RN. St. Louis, MO

by Kim on Liquid Agents

I have been working with this company since August of this year. My recruiter (Dalton) is always answering my questions in a very timely manner. I feel that he actually cares about me and that he is honest with each response to a question. He will text back to any question that I may have. I really have enjoyed working for this company.

by SETH RADNOTHY on Liquid Agents
Great first time experience

This is the first travel company I have worked for an so far it has been nothing short of a great experience. Alex G. is always checking in with me to make sure everything is going well even if the week has been uneventful. Alex is always available and willing to answer whatever questions I have, and is always ready to deal with any situation that arises. I have nothing but praises for Liquid Agents Healthcare.

by Kate on Liquid Agents
Great company!

This is my first assignment and Kathleen Devine has been an awesome recruiter always there to help and answer any questions. They got me a job within a week of being contacted!!

by Gina on Liquid Agents

This is my first travel assignment and I was nervous and apprehensive. I was unsure of how to choose the best agency for me, and after choosing the wrong company, I found Liquid Agents. My recruiter Rich went above and beyond to find the perfect fit for me. Rich is available for questions and bends over backwards to make sure that everything is going smoothly.

by Latonia on Liquid Agents
Great travel Company

I've been working at Liquid Agents Healthcare for a year and half. In my travel experience I've been with several travel companies, and working at LiquidAgents I never have to worry about my
Job. If something goes wrong , Chad Elias my recruiter is always on top of the issue and keeps me informed. The Staff is always courteous, and professional. I can honestly say that with my travel experience of almost 4 years , I am so happy to be part of the team at LiquidAgents! Thank you Chad Elias and the staff at LiquidAgents.

by Sharon Starks on Liquid Agents

I can say that the experience that I have encountered with LiquidAgents have only been positive. Cassie, the recruiter made my experience smooth and has been available every time I needed anything. Nothing but positive thoughts from me.

by Heidi on Liquid Agents

Disappointed about losing a contract over a requirement with another company Calvin and the team at liquid worked hard at getting an offer as quick as possible. Very thankful!
They were right on top and helped with everything making sure there were no misses in paperwork and calling and giving me reassurance.

by Catherine Pearson on Liquid Agents

I started traveling 6 years ago. I have been with liquid agents since the beginning. I have had 3 separate recruiters since then, with all of them being very understanding, compassionate and most of all, trustworthy. I currently have Paige as a recruiter and feel as though I have not skipped a beat going from Elizabeth (because she moved away), to Paige. Paige even sent me flowers recently after I had surgery. It means a lot to me that the recruiters at liquid agents are my friends as well as recruiters and always have my best interest at heart. I get calls everyday from other agencies and I always tell them that I wouldn't change a thing.

by Karyn Edwards on Liquid Agents

My recruiter Kaitlyn Page has been excellent. She advocated for a higher weekly pay. This was my 1st assignment back as a travel nurse after taking a perm position for 2 years. I was frustrated about all of the paper work and worried about my start date, however, she was very patient with me and informative

by Natalie on Liquid Agents
Love my recruiter

I love my recruiter!!! She is so helpful and honest and is always, always in a good mood...even when I am not!

by Anna on Liquid Agents

My traveling experience started off pretty rocky, I was bounced from recruiter to recruiter with no stability or trust. Once I was finally placed with my current recruiter Erin, everything seemed to just fall into place. I absolutely love her, she listens to my wants and needs and does whatever it takes to make me happy! I am a night shifter and as you other night shifters know it can be difficult to get good sleep during the day. Erin is always sure to message me without waking me up and allows me time to get back to her when im awake! I had seriously considered giving up traveling before she became my recruiter. Im glad I have stuck with liquid agents. They have always offered me the most money and accommodated all my needs. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to travel!

by Benjamin Long on Liquid Agents
Fair and honest people

I have worked with Liquid Agents and my recruiter Calvin Hoyle for a little over two years. During that time, I believe we have established a great and trusting relationship. I have checked into other agencies only to find I have what I believe to be the best company already. I checked into another agency and went through their hoops for 2 1/2 weeks, I even sent them all of my credentials and references only to find out they never were the "preferred" Agency at that site. Calvin and his team have always worked very diligently to be upfront and honest with all the information they have provided me. I know 100% walking into a contract that all issues have been addressed and all my concerns are contained within the contract. It makes it very easy to re-sign with them time and time again. I can't speak for everyone at liquid agents, however I can attest to Calvin Hoyle and his teams hard work they have provided for me. I'm happy with this agency and will continue to facilitate all my work through them.

by Marcella Arnold on Liquid Agents

This is my first traveling assignment. I thought Kaitlyn Page was great. My recruiter. I also had many questions. I talked with many companies. She took the time to understand my needs. Where I needed to go. Checked in with me almost daily. When I decided to use this company. I was given options and interviews quickly. I was impressed. I also had the option of saying no, that one is not a good fit for me. She understood. I believe I will stay with them. Thank you Liquidagents for being kind and understanding.

by Nicole Flynn on Liquid Agents
Kaitlyn Page

Kaitlyn Page has been very helpful, knowledgeable, and attentive with assisting me in my travel endeavor. She is always available by phone, email, or text. She responds quickly. She finds out information and relays it in a timely manner.

by Catherine Mbony on Liquid Agents

This is my very first assignment as a travel nurse and before starting, i had so many concerns, and comments from a few of my friends did not help. they will say things like are you sure you don't need some more experience on ur unit and are you sure you will be able to handle the different circumstances that may arise while travelling? i can't lie that these things didn't bother me but being who I am, which i will say sometimes a person who is not scared to follow her dreams and do what she wants. i went for it. The bottom line is i am very happy that i did it and most especially with liquid agents, they have made this transition a very smooth one for me and I will forever be grateful to Calvin and Neal for all the help along the way. Your support and friendliness goes a long way and thank you.

by Theresa L. Cicci on Liquid Agents
What you Want from a Travel Nurse Company!

Liquid Agents, and my recruiter, Daulton O'Neill, have bent over backwards, and upside down, to address my concerns, needs, likes and dislikes, and personal requirements. Daulton always asks how my kids are and remembers personal things about them and myself. He touches base with me 2-3 times a week. I like that he is the ONLY recruiter who touches base with me. Several other Travel Nurse agencies call me, even if I tell them I am not interested, and it is someone different calling me each time! It's very confusing and not very personable or efficient. Daulton, and Liquid Agents, have worked to give me everything I needed to take an assignment. He listens and doesn't waste my time on assignments he knows I am not interested in. I am very happy with Liquid Agents and especially my recruiter, Daulton O'Neill

by Jessica murry on Liquid Agents
Love this agency

I only travel in a small area and liquid agents has always had an assignment for me! I have never had any problems with pay. My recruiter Calvin Hoye is always available and checks on me to make sure i am comfortable and happy! They are an extended part of my family!

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