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by Holly Kepus on Liquid Agents
Best Company

Liquid Agents is the only company that I have worked with for Travel Nursing. My recruiter, Michelle McAfee, is awesome and knows what I look for and ask for in an assignment and has always looked out for me and what is best for me. She always checks in on me to make sure everything is OK and if I need someone to talk to about an assignment, she is always willing to listen and provide feedback. She has encouraged me to try new locations and to see more of the country. I can't thank her enough!

by Shelia Arnold on Liquid Agents

Liquid Agents is the best company to work for. I've never had any problems with this company. Jon Perez should be voted recruiter of the year! He doesn't do like other companies and never check to see how things are going. He checks in with me often and that means a lot. I feel like he honestly cares if an assignment is going good or not. I feel that if I had a problem, I know Jon would get it resolved quickly. Liquid Agents is the way to go.

by Denise Rozell on Liquid Agents

I have enjoyed being part of Liquid Agents Healthcare. My recruiter, Michelle Hussey McAfee, takes great care of me. She is professional, honest and always there for me. It doesn't matter what the issue or problem is, I know things will be made okay. Yes, I have even been injured and Liquid Agents and Michelle took care of everything for me. Michelle treats me as part of the team and I love it! Looking forward to the start of my 6th year with Michelle and Liquid Agents Healthcare!

by Mark on Liquid Agents

I started travel nursing after being introduced to LiquidAgents by a fellow nurse. Jon, the recruiter I work with, is professional and cares about his clients. While there are many agencies to work with in the Industry, I can recommend LiquidAgents and Jon without hesitation.

by Stacy on Liquid Agents
Rn Bsn

Jon is great! Very caring and always keeps me informed. He also will check on me ob a regular to make sure everything is gping okay or if I need anything. Thank you Jon

by Jonathan shepard on Liquid Agents
Travel RN

Richard Dunn and the staff at liquid Agents are great. Ive been traveling with them for 2 yrs. Rich has always taken good care of me. I would recomend them to anyone thanking about becoming a travel nurse.

by Nathaniel P. on Liquid Agents
Liquid agents review

Liquid Agents Review

Needless to say, the one thing that travelers are always looking for is a place to call home. It is just as difficult to travel as it is to be an agent, maybe even more working with Adele, I knew that Liquid Agents would always be one of my first choices as a traveler. She not only cares about me as a person, but she ensures that my assignments are of the best quality for my lifestyle. Liquid agents has always gone above and beyond to the best of their ability to ensure that I get what I deserve as a traveler.

by Theresa Cicci on Liquid Agents
Liquid Agents Healthcare: BEST traveling nurse organization!

I cannot say enough about Liquid Agents Healthcare ( LAH). I love the No-nonsense approach regardless of what the issue is. I have one real recruiter, Daulton O'Neill, so he knows all about my preferences and dislikes and we talk on the same page. He and the LAH team bust their backs to get a contract through with what I need and want. I do NOT have to deal with 4 or 5 different recruiters. Daulton always takes into account requested days off and puts them in the contract. He thinks of everything ahead of time before the contract is signed so there's no hassles later. Daulton is always interested in how my assignment site is and the people I am working for, the patient care, and my personal adjustment to everything. He passes on infotmation so other nurses at LAH know exactly what some of the positive and negative aspects of the facility are. Liquid Agents is very concerned their employees are dealt with fairly and honestly. Yeah Liquid Agents Healthcare!!!

by Ren mitchell on Liquid Agents
Rn travel contracts with liquid Agents Healthcare

I recently had my recruiter with Liquid Agents move on to greener pastures but Scott Dromgoole stepped in and tied up the loose ends smoothly and without a hitch. This reinstalled my confidence in this company which was already at a pretty high standard due to the recruiter before him. So if your looking for a great recruiter that's got your back and is a man of his word loook no further Scott Dromgoole is your man. ✌️

by Randy martin on Liquid Agents
Liquid agents made traveling easy

I'm a newer travel nurse on my second assignment and I'm glad to be working with Calvin Hoye and liquid agents. They have been great at answering any questions or concerns I have within 24 hours. I've told other travel nurses how easy it's been working with liquid agents and hopefully some of them will come join the team.

by Nurse Holloway on Liquid Agents
Liquidagents with Adele Hulse. #awesome!!

I am currently on assignment with liquid in TN and Adele Hurse is my recruiter. I am exceptionally pleased with EVERYTHING about this assignment. Great facility, great package, great recruiter which makes an awesome experience. I have renewed this contract now 3 times and are excited about what she finds me next. Adele makes sure to listen to my needs and checks in with me weekly to make sure we are still on the same page. Never have I had such loyalty and teamwork. Thanks Adele and thank you liquid. It speaks mountains to know how much you value me.

by Gerri on Liquid Agents
Liquid Agents is awesome!

This is my first travel assignment. After talking to several agencies, Liquid Agents was the best and easiest to work with. Calvin Hoye was great in finding me placement and the location I desired and is very responsive when I have questions.

by Koral Harris on Liquid Agents
LiquidAgents rocks!

i am so happy with LiquidAgents and my recruiter Calvin Hoyle. He is professional and understands his clients needs. Always available and extremely knowledgeable.

by Dawn Weaver on Liquid Agents

I have been with LiquidAgents for 16 months and my recruiter Adele H has been great to work with!!!

by Erin Montgomery on Liquid Agents

Liquid Agebts Heathcare is a great company to work for. My Rep Alyssa Davis is awesome. She is always on top of getting me submiited for interviews and works hard to get me the contract I want. She is also kind and caring.

by Corinne Aguilar on Liquid Agents
Liquidagent Rockstars

Alyssa Davis is the best. She strives to find me the most accomadating position!! I have gotten great pay and benefits throughout each contract I have fulfilled!! I love this company!

by Corinne Aguilar on Liquid Agents
Liquidagents Rockstars

Love this joint!! I have been with Alyssa Davis and Logan from the start. I love the integrity and accessability the company has. I love that they are accomadating and give great pay!! They also keep you up to date on really good options as well as your certs!! They have visited me personaly, fed me and given me satchels cups and other nifty gear to flash around while I am traveling the country. Thank you liquid agents for loving on me and treating me like "the queen" nurse!! Rock on Liquidagents!!

by Lauren Hurst on Liquid Agents

I am more than pleased with Liquid Agents and my recruiter, Alyssa Davis!!

by Lauren Hurst on Liquid Agents

I can't speak highly enough about this company and my recruiter, Alyssa Davis. They have been more than helpful!! By far my favorite!

by Connie Bergfeld on Liquid Agents
Best place to work

I nothing but high praise for my recruiter, Dalton. He works hard to keep me happy. He seems to always have my back. Where ever i want to go he gets me there, along with a great paycheck.

by Joe McCallum on Liquid Agents
Liquid Agents

Better watch your hours...they seem to have a habit of not paying full overtime that you work...then if you decide to extend for another tour at a certain place they want you to sign a contract giving them all your overtime pay and want to work for far less than what you started at...corrupt dirty company...!!!!

by Tara Balliett on Liquid Agents

I LOVE LiquidAgents!! They are by far the best travel company I have ever worked with. Every assignment with them has gone so smoothly and my recruiter, Angie Ryu, has been with me every step of the way! She is always available for any questions I may have and has truly made my travel experience so easy! I have used one other company, and the experience was not even close to the attention and care I get from LiquidAgents. I can honestly say that this company really cares for their nurses. I cannot recommend LiquidAgents or my recruiter, Angie Ryu, highly enough.

by Denise Rozell on Liquid Agents

I researched a great deal before I decided to go with Liquid Agents Healthcare. I have never looked back. The company is professional and they have been very sensitive to my needs and issues: ex - really bad fit with a hospital. I hear so many travel RNs complaining about the agency they work for and I just feel blessed. My recruiter, Michelle McAfee, bends over backwards for me. She follows up with me routinely. Responding quickly when I send her an email. Michelle even checked on me when I was traveling and I was frustrated because I missed my turn and didn't want to go back to stay in a hotel overnight. Michelle went online, found me a hotel and even sent me the directions. She stays in touch, sings praises about the pics I send her. Seriously, I think I am very spoiled and other travel RNs tell me I am.

by ann on Liquid Agents

I am new to this company so far my experience has been great! Cassie Lee is very good recruiter, patient and people oriented. That make a big difference. Thank you Cassie!

by Rachael on Liquid Agents
Great Experience

I've had such a great experience with Liquid Agents and my recruiter Angie. She is the best! She gives me all the info I need to make the best travel decision with honesty and my best interest in mind.

by Teresa Steed on Liquid Agents
I love working with Hannah!!!

As a first time travel nurse I was a bit nervous heading to my first assignment but Hannah walked me through the whole process and has been there for me every step of the way. She calls me weekly to make sure things are going well and always takes care of any concern I have right away. She found me a contract close enough for me to be home every night for my next assignment. I am so happy I have had the opportunity to work with Hannah at Liquid Agents and look forward to working with her in the future!!!!

by Lynda R on Liquid Agents
LiquidAgents Healthcare

I have loved working with Liquidagents Healthcare over the last 12 years. They are honest, professional and I always trust they are taking good care of me. The recruiters are the best. I've worked with Cindy and Elizabeth. Would highly recommend them. Lynda

by Andrea Reese on Liquid Agents

My experience with LiquidAgents has been nothing but positive. I have been with them for almost a year and beyond thrilled I gave Cassie Lee the time when she called me. My traveling experience has been a delightful experience, from my pay scale,
benefits, and guidance as a new traveler. Thank you Cassie Lee, and to all the LiquidAgents staff, for all your dedication and diligent work.

by Sheila A Finan RN on Liquid Agents
Liquid Agents top rating

Thankyou again Liquid Agents and my recruiter/Account manager Jamison Reitinger,for another professional job well done on behalf of an experienced travel Ns who appreciates the support, assistance in all things related to a successful repeat, extended assignment. Its more then just a job, its the experience we all hope to have repeated in our CAREERS.THANKYOU JR & LA. Sheila

by Nnenna on Liquid Agents

My experience with liquidagents travel company has been mostly positive. Not only do they have jobs available nationwide, they have some of the most amazing recruiters, my recruiter is Richard Dunn and he is so amazing, he genuinely cares about my wellbeing. Any questions or concerns gets taken care of right away. He even responds to my texts on weekends! I would definitely recommend Liquidagents to any travel nurse.

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