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I have been with Flexcare for a year now. I have had the same recruiter, Sammy Aguilar, the entire time. He has been my only point of contact with Flexcare, and I am okay with that because he always answers any questions I have. I don't have to seek out anyone else. If he doesn't know the answer right away, he says, "I'm not sure, but I will find out." And he does! He is honest and genuine - he tells it like it is. Even when I have had some personal things arise that have conflicted with assignments, he has been understanding, helpful, and has always had my back. I have communicated with other recruiters throughout my year with Flexcare, but at the end of the day, I always choose Flexcare and Sammy. Other recruiters are pushy, or don't give you the whole picture up front. But Sammy lays it all out and doesn't hound you after you have made your decision. I am grateful for everything he has done for me. Look forward to many more assignments with him!

by Antoinette on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Flexcare Medical Staffing

I have been with flexcare for over 2 years, working with my awesome recruiter Natalie Serra. She has made this process easy and smooth for me. I had some bad experiences with other companies. But since I have been with flexcare and working with Natalie; I have had nothing but the best. Thank you Natalie for giving me great experiences so far and hope we continue for many more.

by Cathy Hilton on FlexCare Medical Staffing

Rather unfortunate experience. They promoted my fab recruiter and his replacement didn't seem to have a heart for nurses. On several occasions they messed with my check. Even though I got everything in on time, they did not pay me in a timely manner. They said the hospital (or in my mind more likely the VMS since it was through a VMS ) didn't get their paperwork in on time. They tried to tell me that they didn't have the overhead to pay me until they got paid. I'm not new to travel, so I know this was bogus. It takes weeks or months for the actual money to transfer from hospital too agency via VMS. Companies like FlexCare certainly have money for this. It was almost impossible to get hold of management. Their phones are filtered, it seems. I eventually got paid a week late on all counts, but I should not have to fight for my check.

by Rochelle Lukehart on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Great first time expierence

My recruiter was wonderful. Keighley was honest, supportive and informative. She told me what I needed to have to get the position I wanted, then gave me great options to choose from. I felt supported, she would talk to me anytime, always answered my texts or calls. I look forward to working with her again soon.

Melissa Perez is the most dedicated recruiter I have ever worked with. She goes above and beyond to find me the jobs that I want and updates me every step of the way. I have never once felt the "pushy" vibe that I have experienced with so many other recruiters. She responds to me almost immediately and is always kind and pleasant to work with!

I have been working with Amber Bimson since the very beginning august 2015. I have never had any issues getting a job and she is always super responsive to any of my needs and honest. Flexcare always offers the highest packages of any quotes I receive.

I have never had any issues with pay, and I always have information up front. Very happy with Flexcare. The only fault is i wish they had more jobs in Michigan....I don't want to work with another company!!

FlexCare Medical Staffing

I just wanted to take the time to say how much I appreciate my recruiter Shane Young with FlexCare. He has been my only recruiter for about a year now. He has been amazing the entire time from his honesty to how hard working he is when getting me contracts. Every time I have a question I hear back from him quickly and he always goes the extra mile to make sure he gives the most accurate information. I have read many reviews from other travelers and how hard they work just to get ahold of their recruiter. I'm lucky I don't have those problems. Thank you FlexCare and thank you Shane, you guys have changed my life!

Nasty treatment. Lied.

Tried them before. They told me to get my recerts. Paid for them, then they said I had been out of work too long and they couldn't place me. 2 years later. Gave them another chance. Paid for everything, again. They told me they had all kinds of jobs. Then they told me they didn't have any ER needs for the state I was licenced in. I could have applied for other licences, but they left me with no job or income for almost 2 months. Maybe there are better recruiters, but mine made no effort to help. She would talk and talk (about how great the company is) but never actually answered my questions. Said she would look into things, then wouldn't get back to me with answers.

Flexcare = Amazing!

As far as recruiters go, Flexcare is by far the best. I started out with Jennifer Schvetsky, who was amazing at getting me in the exact area I wanted and extended my contract four times! I ended up signing on full time at that hospital, but in May of this year, I wanted to start traveling again. Jennifer had been promoted (no surprise), so my file was given to Denae Muraski. We hit it off right away! I feel like she truly does have my best interest at heart. I ended up being in a really chaotic, busy ER, was not welcomed by staff, and was having a really tough time there. Super stressed out. I ended up calling and talking to Denae about it during the final weeks of my contract, and she was so thoughtful, and was even upset that I had waited so long to tell her! I always felt taken care of.

My only problem, which may not be a problem at all for others, is housing. I had always taken the company housing, but Flexcare doesn't offer it to you. They will however, help you try to find something by giving you names/numbers of places that previous travelers have used, sending you craigslist ads, and giving you contact info for local property management companies. I just find it less stressful for the company to set up housing. But, if you are going to handle that yourself anyway, FLEXCARE CANNOT BE BEAT!!

I'm with a different company now (unfortunately) because of the housing issue, but Denae never seemed upset about my switch. And she still keeps in touch, but never in a pushy sort of way, mostly just to check in. It's also great to only have to deal with one person for everything. It really makes a world of difference. If you are thinking about signing with them, don't hesitate!

by John Hemmes on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Flexcare review

I can honestly say following 2 travel assignments that flexcare is a great travel company to work for. My recruiter is Amanda. She has been amazing to work with. She is vary trust worthy and prompt on contacting you when needed. Only draw back is the benefits packages are a little costly but you do get good coverage.

by Karna Gaylor on FlexCare Medical Staffing

Flexcare is my 3rd company. Being a traveler, you must have a recruiter that is trustworthy and has your back. I have been fortunate and found this woth 2 seperate agencies. Annabelle Pomeroy is awesome. I am always fully informed and never surprised. She always returns calls, text, or email. If you are looking for upfront honest recruiter give Annabelle a call, you wont be disappointed.

Amber is the best! Would never switch from Flexcare!

by Jeri Smith on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Liars, Liars!

I started with great hopes! My recruiter seemed genuine. But as our interactions increased, I realized all the lies said: lies about my salary, lies about the facility which is a complete nightmare, lies about details that were requested and never happened. Once I signed the contract... no more recruiter available! Travel nursing feels like an agglomeration of salespersons who scam to get their money at any cost... even lying and brake the trust with their travelers. No more travel assignments for me!

401k Match SCAM

FlexCare has great employees and culture . However, their management scams all their employees with their 401k match. It's 5% match of your contribution, not your salary like any other company. You put in $100 a month, they put in $5. Ect.

FlexCare is the best!

Flexcare is the 2nd company that I have ever traveled with and I really feel no need to go through anyone else. I have the best recruiter, Denae, who is always available to help me, listens to my needs, does not push anything on me that I dont want to do, and just generally makes the whole entire process smooth and easy. Flexcare always quotes me the best pay packages (compared to up to 3 other companies sometimes) and I dont feel like I have to fight to get it. The smooth process alone is enough for me to stay with Flexcare and Denae. I always get paid on time and my paychecks are always correct. They come through with referral bonuses with no argument (other companies will say anything they can to NOT give you the bonus). I also love that I only have to go through one person, my recruiter, to get all my compliance and insurance and everything done that way everyone is on the same page. Overall, Flexcare (and specifically Denae) has exceeded my expectations as my travel company and will remain my travel company of choice.

by Nicole Rensing on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Natalie is wonderful!

Natalie Serra is the best recruiter ever. I used to be a travel nurse with another company and was so unhappy. I then switched over to Flexcare with Natalie and couldn't be happier. She is so helpful and nice and responds fast to all my annoying questions. She has been so helpful and has really made the experience easy for me. I'll definitely be sticking with Flexcare and Natalie!

I can only say excellent things about FlexCare and my recruiter Nicole Bender as they have made my life as a travel nurse phenomenal!!!! I tell my recruiter Nicole exactly what I'm looking for and without disappointment she finds me exactly what I want and need. I love having one go to person for everything and I've never had any issues with FlexCare. My assignments are exactly what I want, my pay is always on time and correct, my contracts are crystal clear, their on boarding process is seamless and most importantly, my recruiter is available 24/7 without question! FlexCare has become family to me and I will never leave them for anything! FlexCare and my recruiter have truly made my dreams come true and I would recommend them to anyone! Thanks again FlexCare and my recruiter Nicole for making my travel experiences the best ever!!!!!

Almost 2 years with FlexCare!

My significant other and I signed up with our recruiter, Natalie, and the FlexCare team almost two years ago and have been very happy with their professionalism and assignments thus far. Natalie does a great job balancing her recommendations with our goals and preferred locations to offer the best possible experience. We feel she has our best interests in mind and strives to get us a very competitive rate in every region we work. When other travel nurses with other agencies tell us about their unreliable recruiters, we feel lucky that we have Natalie on our side. Others say we are not wise to put all of our eggs in one basket with one agency, that we should have multiple agencies working for us. After several contracts and cities with FlexCare, it is comforting to know our nursing career is in good hands, and we often are getting the best rates compared to other travelers.

by Elizabeth Farmer on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Flexcare is Great!

I have been working with Flexcare, specifically Natalie Serra, for about a year and a half now. I love Natalie and have never had any major issues with Flexcare. I travel with my fiancé and Natalie has always made it easy for us to both find a job together. Our pay package is frequently a higher amount or at least comparable to other travelers on our unit. I believe Natalie is fair and honest and does everything she can to help us get the contracts we want. Natalie is my go-to person and I have never had to speak to anyone else in the company for anything. I enjoy working with Flexcare and I don't plan on trying out any other company.


Newly minted travel nurse here. I was hesitant to become one because of the challenges of getting on to one like choosing the right travel nursing company. I met several travel nurses before I decided on becoming one. This one particular travel nurse couldn't stop talking how great the company is. Of course I was a cynic at first. Then I got to talk to Natalie. She made things incredibly easy. She has exceeded my expectations. She remains always in contact, by phone or email. She has answered my questions directly. If she didn't have an answer, she would get back to me the next day. I couldn't have asked for a more dedicated recruiter. She has always looked out for me in terms of assignments. I would voice my concerns about certain stuff and she's there to listen. She would express her opinions when she could have just ended the conversation by saying goodbye. Always felt supported by the company and by Natalie. I would recommend this company to anyone thinking about becoming a travel nurse!


I'm a new traveler and Natalie from FlexCare has been more than helpful in making my first assignment go smoothly. All my questions and concerns are answered in a timely manner. I only have to deal one recruiter, no matter if it's concerning benefits, payroll or a new assignment. I like that I do not get transferred to other departments, Natalie does all the work for me. FlexCare has worked hard to find me a great assignment with great pay. FlexCare had definitely met and exceeded my standards. Great work FlexCare!

My Experience With Flexcare (A Great One)

I started traveling working with Flexcare over two years ago. My first recruiter Alexis was amazing. She helped me get through the difficult transition into travel nursing. Any time I would call she was always willing to help with my issue or would immediately call me back. She was so good at her job that she was promoted, before she moved to her new position she introduced me to my new recruiter, Natalie. Natalie has been my recruiter for a year and a half and she has been amazing as well. I feel that she knows exactly what I want out of travel nursing and is able to anticipate any help I might need. Like Alexis she is always there when I have a problem, even if its at three o'clock in the morning. All together Flexcare is a great organization and I would recommend it to anyone looking to get into travel nursing.

Love Flexcare

Flexcare has been the best agency I have ever worked with. My recruiter Natalie Serra is amazing. I always felt supported. They assisted me with everything I have ever needed! I will recommend them to everyone.

by Priscilla Garcia on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Great travel nursing experience

I have been with Flexcare for over a year and have had an excellent experience. I have worked with Natalie Serra as my recruiter and have never had any issues of communication, reliability, or follow through. She has assisted greatly in finding the assignments in the locations that I have wanted. The package as far as pay rates and stipends have been clear from the beginning and always match what I have been shown to receive, so there were never any surprises in that regard. Not to mention the pay rate has also been better to me than what I have experienced with other companies. Natalie has been there every time I have ever had a question or concern about anything. She is extremely knowledgeable in her job, helpful in providing me with any information and answering any of my questions or concerns. I would highly recommend any travel nurse to work with Flexcare. Flexcare is a competent, reliable, and professional company in my book. I intend on working with them for as many assignments possible.

Love Flexcare

I am a fairly new traveler but have nothing but good feedback about flexcare. I'll start with the pay, flexcare is by far the highest paying company I have come across. My first assignment I took with them was a great paying one and I coincidentally had another girlfriend who was looking at the same contract with another company and flexcare was paying about $400 more a week. The contract I am currently on I have found I am again making about $300 more than other travelers per week with different companies. But that's just the beginning of how great flexcare is. My only point of contact has been my recruiter Amanda. Amanda is the best at her job. I know that we have been on different time zones on many occasions but Amanda is always super quick to get back to me about any question or problem I have ever had, it doesn't matter what time of day it is in Cali I feel like Amanda is always right there. I am positive she has called me after work hours to help me resolve any issues I may have. Aside from being incredibly helpful she is also just a nice person and I view her as a friend. I know flexcare is kind of a smaller company but again for the most part if I have heard of other contracts with other companies I can usually ask Amanda about it and she has been able to get the contract I was looking for. Amanda has never pressured me to take any job or shift that I didn't want, which I cannot say about other companies. I have spoken with multiple companies because that was what experienced travelers told me would be a good idea "just in case", but I don't have any desire to leave flexcare. I feel cared for at this company, Amanda goes above and beyond for me. Will always recommend flexcare.

by tommy allen on FlexCare Medical Staffing
best of the best

I have worked for Flexcare for the last 16 months and can't be more pleased. Our recruiter is Angie E and she is absolutely amazing. Answers text and email at all hours and on weekends. Has simple answers to my rambling questions and helps put me at ease when end of contract stuff starts stressing me out. I work with my GF as part of a travel team and she has succeeded in putting us in team based assignments without problems. Angie is very protective of us, our time, and our schedule needs to take full advantage of the amazing places we have seen and gone.

by Todd Nelson on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Flexcare is great!

Though I was an experienced nurse, entering the travel nursing world is an arduous journey. We've all heard horror stories of canceled contracts, flaky/ dishonest recruiters, other travelers making double what you're making for the same assignment, and so on. Based on a strong recommendation for Flexcare, but less than stellar recommendation on a profile recruiter, I decided to apply to Flexcare anyway. Hearing of their honest and transparent payment policy and lack of margin-based recruiting gave me high hopes. Well, the previously-mentioned not-so-stellar recruiter was the one originally assigned to me. I was a bit discouraged based on the word of mouth of response times and communication with said recruiter, but didn't want to give up on a company I heard great things about. I wrote the recruiter's manager/boss and within minutes was connected to flexcare's "rockstar recruiter" (the manager's own words) who I had to ask for by name, Angie Entwisle. Let me tell you, rockstar doesn't even begin to describe this gal.
Communication with her is top notch. I hear stories of recruiters who call once a week to check on nurses, but Angie is available via text or call at any time. Going on 8/9 months with her I have never had to wait for a call back, a text back, or any sort of delay on her part. When waiting on a hospital to respond on a contract, she's hounding them right there with me trying to get me in the door. When the hospital has missed a few hours on my check due to Kronos issues, she's corrected it and I'm paid promptly Monday morning. She even checked into my permanent license in my current state of work as my temporary license was about to expire (how thorough, right?).

What was definitely a huge and likely life-changing experience was turned almost entirely comfortable (from the professional standpoint) almost entirely because of Angie and her representation of Flexcare. Having my first assignment a few months in advance of leaving my staff job, and quickly and effortlessly building phenomenal report with Angie, made it all such a smooth and easy process.
You'd be foolish not to attempt to have her as your recruiter. The day she decides to stop being a recruiter will be a scary day indeed!


I love flex care! I'm sad to see some others don't have the same love I do. I work with recruiter Nicole bender. She's always upbeat and offering me jobs for the many places I decide to go depending on the day. I have gotten quotes from Florida, Maine , Mass, and South and North Carolina. She out up with my chaos and answers my million questions. If she doesn't mnow the answer she doesn't make one up, but yalls gets back to me within 48 hours. And in a instance of panic she always messages me right back of possible- despit being 3 hours behind my time- without complaints. I am currently On assignment in Cape Cod for the summer! Great pay, and great benefits. While some other companies to pay more, Flexcare is always upfront with me, it has a 401K that matches 5%! Where else can you get that? Even at a staff job you would get that offer. I enjoy this company and would allow any of the people I care about to work with them hands down.

Couldn't have picked a better company to start with!

I have been travel nursing for 1 year now and thought I would share my pure gratitude to FlexCare but more importantly Denae Muraski. I started March 2015 and can say i was totally scared of making the leap; however, Denae made everything easy as pie! Denae and the FlexCare team have made me so comfortable and I have never doubted this was the best move to make! They are always going above and beyond for me and assisting in every possible way. I couldn't have asked for a better experience and I will continue working with Denae and FlexCare. Thank you for everything!!!

by Ashley Prentice on FlexCare Medical Staffing
The Right Fit

I have previously worked with PRCS Healthcare and Travel Max, both treated me terrible, 5 people calling for one issue and they would tell me 24 hours or less before they needed something or if something was expiring, I did some research and found Flexcare was in top 2 travel companies for 2 years and they had one point of contact.I will be honest, it was a rough start, my first recruiter was nice, but then got promoted, then my second recruiter had to leave due to personal reasons, but I'm glad I stuck through it, my current recruiter Angie Entwisle is awesome, she's honest, I can always get in contact with her, even when I'm pissed off and just need to vent about work stuff, she answers emails, texts and calls whenever I need her. I know there are shitty recruiters at EVERY AGENCY who don't know how to deal with people, but Angie is definitely in the top 1% of recruiters, transparent with pay, no haggling, she runs audits frequently so you have 30 days most of the time when tests, checklists and vaccines are expiring, if there's an issue with my paycheck, she handles it within half hour and tells me the exact day the funds will come to me (it happens everywhere, but way less often than previous agencies) she matches my personality, I've travel nursed for 2 years, but I'm definitely happy with it, and it is due largely in part to Angie, she makes me feel appreciated, and i am not a dollar sign, I'm awesome, and so is she. Most Companies don't know if their recruiter is crap unless you tell them, they can't fix an issue if they don't know there is one, I have given previous agencies opportunities when I've dealt with rude, unprofessional recruiters, and other agencies blamed me and protected their recruiter, when i got shuffled around at Flexcare the manager called me to apologize immediately and made me feel like I mattered, that didn't happen anywhere else. Definitely go with Angie or someone she recommends, shes good people, they're a great company

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