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by Paula on Aya Healthcare
Great for first timers!!!

Ive always wanted to be a travel nurse ever since i graduated. I paid my dues and got my needed experience, and signed up with Aya Healthcare. My recruiter, Ashley has been so wonderful! I almost backed out a few times before I started because I was scared that I couldn't do It since I was staring out in one of Texas' toughest Hospitals, Parkland. Ashley has given me so much confidence and assured me that I would be well taken care of and fought to get me a higher pay than what was originally agreed upon! Now I am enjoying being a travel nurse!! Ayaw took care of all of my needs and I had no problem finding my n ext contract, It was all laid out in front of me and all I had to do was choose!!! Great company! A+

by Capps on Aya Healthcare

This company is dishonest and incompetent. My recruiter Kelly lied to me multiple times about housing, benefits, and hospital of contract. She stated this company was known for exceptional housing. I was walked into an apartment in Skid Row at Los Angeles (Which is the ghetto/homeless territory. There were concrete floors in this apartment, no furniture, and no refrigerator. She assured me this was the first time this had ever happened. Another traveler of Kelly's had the same problem I did. Since these conditions were not acceptable to live in, the company placed me in a "4-star" hotel until other housing was found. This hotel was filthy and in a high-crime area on sunset blvd. Also Kelly promised I would be using EMR but it was actual paper charting. I drove from Illinois to LA by the way. I was not reimbursed for any travels whatsoever. I talked to my recruiter's supervisor, Megan, and she was very rude and not helpful at all. She would not answer my calls or return them. I then spoke to Sophia, Megan's supervisor and again, nothing was done. Please reconsider using another company. This company is not concerned about you, the nurse.

by Reba M on Aya Healthcare
They've got my back

My travel operations contact, Emily has been a dream to work with. She is extremely professional, easy to communicate with and efficient. She also is very organized. Using her gifts, Emily makes a complex information exchange fun and easy and less stressful. I took the housing with Aya for the first time this contract and she made the process easy, even fun. I am so grateful to have her on my team. I know her and Aya have my back!

by Ana on Aya Healthcare
Worst Agency out There

They dont take care of you and put you out to the wolves and don't back you up....stay away!!1

by Tammy Janssen on Aya Healthcare
Not even going there

I didn't even start working there, so can't speak for the experience, but BY FAR the lowest paying that I saw. Stipend was a bit higher for housing than others. Plus is paid insurance so that doesn't come out at the end. But not counting housing, I would end up losing $2400 a month from my current staff position. Not sure what the rest of you are making but this doesn't seem like a loss I'm willing to take. Good luck!

by Chris on Aya Healthcare

Just this week had a long talk with others travel RNs at the same facility. My compensation is the lowest by far. I had no idea this was so and I am by far the most experienced and knowledgable. I don't recommend this company.

by Brad on Aya Healthcare
Number one!

Sherell and Julie always responds back to my calls or emails very quickly. As do all the other staff. I honestly couldn't ask for anything more from an agency. I know all my questions and concerns will be promptly addressed. AYA is number one in my opinion!

by Matthew S. on Aya Healthcare
Second to none!!

Christina, my credentialing specialist, as well as the rest of the staff at Aya Healthcare have really made it easy to get started in Travel Nursing and get me ready for my first assignment! Aya is second to none.

by Amelia H. on Aya Healthcare
Great people!

My recruiter Erin made me feel like I matter to her, like a real person not just a traveler. Anytime I need to speak to her she was quick to respond and that means a lot to me, because previous agencies I've dealt with wouldn’t.

by Denise on Aya Healthcare

They were great in the beginning but then then it was all down hill! They charged me for amenities that were already provided I am very disappointed they are all about money for them and not giving the nurses a fare share for example they got me a job in Hawaii and paid me 20.00 and got housing the staff was making 55.00 as new grads I have 18.00 years of experience. This is NOT okay!

And my contracts were always different from what I was told ! Research before you sign a contract!!!! :(

by Kelli Graves on Aya Healthcare

Very poor representation. They are more concerned about the money they generate than they are about the nurses well being.Very disappointed in my experience. I worked with several other Aya agency RNs who confirmed my exact sentiments. I highly recommend avoiding this company.

by James on Aya Healthcare

Aya consistently met my needs. From the recruiters, to credentialing, to payment; everything had a process and a person who was happy to assist. I will use them for the foreseeable future.

by Shila on Aya Healthcare
Stay Away/Beware

Aya was great in the beginning when they wanted to get you to sign a contract but buyer beware!! They call you every few days/keeping up with you with a fun perky attitude before you start your assignment.
I had to send the contract back a few times to get things written right before signing it. Then when I started my assignment almost 3000 miles away they stopped calling me. Instead I had to contact them about issues starting in my first few days. Then things started to change. They made a mistake on the contract that the hospital never agreed to in the first place. Aya kept telling me they're wotking on it. I had to keep calling and emailing them back. Then they threaten you cancellation fees in a large amount to make you stay. Well sorry but if what I signed is not what's being honored then I have a right to say something. If the tables were turned they would make me abide by the contract.
Aya does not stand behind their nurses. Instead I was made to feel like I was making a mountain out of a molehill. I'm an experienced nurse with 10+ years in my field. I'm not one to make a hoot unless it's valid. When I threatened to complain to the DOL (for getting auto deducted lunch breaks when they were not taken) they got real nasty. Sending a bulldog to bully me over the phone was their resolution instead of dealing with the issues.
NEVER AGAIN!! Now I'm stuck 3000 miles from home looking for another job and trying to re-coupe my moving/living costs.
So please beware. Think twice. There are so many companies better out there.

by Tracy on Aya Healthcare
AYA is the best!

AYA is not just my agency...they are my friends...I have never met them in person...however they treat me like a friend...not just a project...Danielle H is not only the most professional person I have ever met...she is trustworthy, kind, and always right...trust me...love this company>.

by Amy on Aya Healthcare

You could try the agency atlas med staff. Todd whitehouse top pay agency. He always call back.

by Brian on Aya Healthcare
GREAT communication!

The process with Aya was the smoothest, easiest going and most pro active communication I have ever encountered with an agency. Specifically with my credentialing specialist. She was awesome at getting info out to me and answered all questions in a very timely manner!

by Werwe on Aya Healthcare

Lied to me.
They rushed me into signing the contract before i have the chance to read it. Only to find out the pay was different form what was promised before i interviewed and accept the assignment. Will never use them again. Plus their emergency line is a joke, no one answers the phone and it could take 2 hours or more to get a call back. Good luck to that in a true emergency.

by Janice on Aya Healthcare
World class agency!

It has been a wonderful experience dealing with Aya Healthcare. The staff is world class. I would especially like to mention my recruiter Helen. She has been such a pleasure to work with. She is professional, courteous and on the ball. Initially, I contacted another travel health care agency but I did not receive the prompt response to my questions and information that I received from Helen. This is my first travel nursing job and so far I am very pleased!

by Tonya W. on Aya Healthcare
Above and beyond!!!!!

My recruiter at Aya has gone above and beyond with helping me find the job I want. I trust her and am impressed with the timeliness of her assistance. Definitely an asset to the AYA team - a true class act.

by Andrea on Aya Healthcare
GREAT team!!

I'm new to the company and my compliance specialist has made my transition so smooth and VERY enjoyable. I think I've been put in GREAT hands with here and this company. She answers ALL questions and return ALL calls which makes me feel VERY confident about the choice I've made by joining this company!! Thank you!

by Belita on Aya Healthcare
Pleasant and professional!

My recruiter was pleasant and professional during our conversation last night. He demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of nursing's present day concerns in the health care culture. He was supportive of my personal delays to travel nurse, but gave positive alternatives and options that may work with and fit my lifestyle. After speaking with him, I certainly feel more comfortable in working with Aya.

by Thea Sterling on Aya Healthcare
The best of all travel nursing!

After six years of being on staff I decided to pursue travel nursing. Another level in my nursing career. I could not have made a better decision with Aya Healthcare. I have now been traveling with Aya for nearly 1 year! I receive top dollar stipends, full time benefits, signed on 3 other RNs whom love Aya too. Plus, my recruiter makes sure I am taken care of! He is most professional, friendly, supportive, and diligent. I will be traveling for as long as I can. Cool part is picking where I want to go. Best part is Aya really appreciates everything I do for them. The gifts add to this appreciation. I am so happy with Aya Healthcare! They are the best!

by Marianna on Aya Healthcare
1st and last time

I was very excited to start working with Aya because my recruiter was calling every week making sure i got the job that i wanted. The problem occurred because I was quoted a weekly pay prior to signing my contract that was $300/week less than I was ACTUALLY getting. My recruiter said she will look in but came back saying "i was probably getting taxed at a different rate" than she was use to and that is why she quoted a different weekly pay. Meanwhile, I am out $3000.00 for the total length of my contract due to this discrepancy. I mentioned this to another traveler who used to work with Aya and she said the EXACT same thing was happened to her. I couldn't wait to leave this contract. Now looking for a new agency.

by Christie C. on Aya Healthcare
Great staff!

My credentialing specialist is always fast to respond. Helps anyway she can and willing to do whatever she can to make it easier for me. Great attitude and just a wonderful person overall! I really enjoy getting to work with her!

by Nancy on Aya Healthcare
My recruiter at Aya is a gem!

I have been a travel nurse for last several years off and on, and have had a variety of recruiters. My recruiter at Aya is by far the best recruiter I have had and I have had some good ones. However, she is an excellent one! She is proficient and expedient and assertive. Two out of two times I had offer within 24 hours of letting her know what I wanted and she submitted me to area of interest and location and did not attempt to push me into something I did not want. She is a gem!

by Mandy on Aya Healthcare

Absolutely amazing recruiter!! She's always so upbeat and happy. Calls not only to check up on how the assigment is going, but calls at least once a week to see what fun things I've done in the area and tell me about what has happened in her life over the last week. When you feel like you're putting your career into the hands of a friend, and not just someone looking to get a paycheck out of your work, it makes sleeping at night so much easier. We don't treat our patients like numbers so we shouldn't be treated as numbers.When driving cross-country, my recruiter told me exactly what to do to keep my mind occupied. A friend of mine also contracts with Aya and her recruiter actually made her a playlist for her drive from New Jersey to Nevada. You really can't do any better than Aya!!

by Veronica on Aya Healthcare
Work ethics above and beyond

My recruiter at Aya is the most caring and compassionate recruiter I have come across in my 16 years of nursing, Work ethics are above and beyond. I can honestly say that I'm glad that I was contacted by this recruiter, I have come across many and none and compare to the work and effort she put forth. I am very fortunate that we have had time to cross each others paths!

by Paul on Aya Healthcare
"My compass"

My recruiter came highly recommended from a good friend. As a 1st time traveler, I was somewhat nervous and unfamiliar with the process. She took the time to go-over and explain what to expect as I moved forward. I was never left wondering, her follow-up was spot on. She referred me to other AYA professionals that were top notch, just as she had promised. I am nicknaming her "my compass". I am looking forward to giving her my future headings and trusting her to find my way. I have already referred her to another friend.

by Jacky R. on Aya Healthcare

Aya made it seem as if there is a family behind you working to make this a great experience! From my awesome recruiter, to the payroll team who makes sure to get me paid correctly each week! I’m very impressed!

by Liz on Aya Healthcare
Top notch recruiters

My Aya recruiter is a gem. I was incredibly lucky to fall into her knowing hands for my first ever stint at travel nursing, She is thorough, knowledgeable, patient, smart, thoughtful and efficient. Even if I couldn't reach her on my first call, she was always quick to get back to me. She was fast to make moves when I needed help and she was always such an excellent listener when all I wanted was to vent!

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