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by Michelle on Aureus Medical

Have been working with them almost a year, several assignments. Never had a problem, very attentive, great pay.

by Gypsy on Aureus Medical
Aureus medical allied health

Everyone experience will be different. I will say Aureus have the potential to be a good company to work for but in my opinion they need a better system. I have had an okay experience with them. I don't want to blame the account managers or in essence say they are at fault for everything that has been going wrong but they are the only person I've had contact with so it just happened they get the blames. All the facilities I've work with has been awesome the people were nice and always willing to help. My biggest problem with Aureus is that they could not get my check correct, it was always something and I will have to wait days and sometime week before it is fixed. And when it's time for them to get you housing it takes forever and the hotels they put you in while waiting are not always in good condition. They have a tendencies to agree to a lot and don't deliver.

I don't normally take time to do review, but I thought someone need to know what they are getting themselves into, because I did read the others reviews before starting with them but chose to ignored them and now I learned my lesson. Do your research.

by travel PT on Aureus Medical

I took a job with them because I became desperate after being told that there was nothing available for new graduates and they were the most persistent for the job. The pay was not good, times that I could contact my recruiter was only during work hours which did not work out and I was placed in the most dangerous area of the town to live. Would absolutely not recommend to work for them.

by Jean on Aureus Medical
Not recommended

I went with this company because they were the first to respond to me and were persistent.
I ended up in a horrible housing situation with them.
I came out of my assignment more in debt because of the poor pay.
When a family situation required me to return home I was threatened by the company.
I understand the need to follow through with a contract but family comes first.

by LPN on Aureus Medical
Should have LISTENED!!

After reading all the bad reviews, I still chose to go with Aureus, bad mistake and lesson learned. Maybe they do have a few good recruiters but the ones I had were only concerned with themselves and definitely were not a nurse advocate and as most reviews say they use you to better their pockets and could careless about the nurses. As long as you are doing what your recruiter wants and you don't complain about the assignment or facility then of course you will not have a problem with them but if you are vocal and stand behind your true nursing career and want to be the best nurse that you are then you better be prepared to be BULLIED by this company. That's right....THEY ARE BULLY RECRUITERS and prey on new nurses, unfortunately I was not the new nurse, I have 10+ years experience although my first travel assignment so therefore I was a BULLY target! But everyone must explore and find the right team for you..I have found better and there are still so many better companies out there. These people will Steal, Cheat and Lie to you...if it hasn't happened I promise you it will!! First and Worst company but thanks for the lesson learned and now I can move forward being the best nurse that I am!!


This is a horrible company, and they should be investigated. They are not on the up and up, and bank money they keep from you. Stay away! Choose a better company with better ratings!!! They made my life a living hell for 6 months, and threatened to sue me because I wanted to use a new company for my extension at a hospital. They use many scare tactics and do NOT CARE ABOUT YOU AT ALL. You are a dollar sign to them, a number. their ratings online are below 60%, and other top companies are 90-100%. CHOOSE A DIFFERENT COMPANY, THEY ARE HORRIBLE!

This company takes too much of your hard earned money from you and they don't care about you at all your a number not a person. The staff at Aureus only care about their own business interest which is how much money they can make off you from your contract with the hospital. They do not provide decent housing or a realistic stipend reimbursement for cost of area if you choose not to go with their housing. Don't choose this company to travel with, you will regret it.

by Lola on Aureus Medical
I would recommend Aureus to anyone

Okay first of all am so passed about all this negative reviews because none of them is true I love this company so much am sacred to switch to another one my recruiter Kim is a caring person to me she always call to check on me and if I have any questions she always replied me back with a call or email. She does everything to get me a job when my contract is almost over so I won't be without one. And they put my family and I in a wonderful nice home to show how much they care they remember my birthday I got a birthday card and a gift card so please tell me if any other company can beat that. Aureus really do care for their employees. Don't let nobody stops you from your blessing with all this negative comments.

by experienced RN on Aureus Medical

They don't care how far you travel,if you have money once you arrive,& will constantly call,text & email while you are taking care of patients!They can't be trusted.They are pond scum.

by no stipend/unpaid/no reimbursement on Aureus Medical
Unethical, immoral,sneaky,lying,deceiving

This company should be taken down just for representing the medical world.They are the most despicable humans alive.They will lie,cheat,sneak & most importantly,disrupt the nursing work that you were hired to do!! Do not trust any company that puts patients in danger!! I also believe they are prejudice against women!! Read the reviews,most men seem happy.Hmmmmm....

by Ken on Aureus Medical
Don't believe the bad reviews

This is my first assignment with Aureus and I couldn't be happier. They reimburse the total amount for licensing and certifications. I have worked with 3 other agencies and have other been reimbursed up to a certain amount. I have also been quite satisfied with the stipends I receive, which have more than adequately paid my housing and meals. As far as the hourly rate, I find it comparable to the other companies, when you determine the hourly rate including your stipends. I would strongly recommend Aureus and intend on continuing my travel nursing career with them.

by Steve on Aureus Medical
Don't travel with them

This company is the absolute worst to travel with. You'd be better of walking down a dark, scary alley in the ghetto late at night, cause at least that mugging or worse would only take a few minutes instead of 13 weeks. They will take everything from you they can and it isn't worth it to travel with them. I'm getting ready to file a complaint with the Department of Labor for all their required (yet uncompensated) stuff before you even start a contract.

by Horrible Recruiters care only to get you. on Aureus Medical
Don't travel with Aureus!!

I was warned about Aureus, but I didn't listen. Now, I'm paying for it. Go with Advance Med!

by Tash on Aureus Medical
Never again

This company seemed very concerned with you (the nurses)well being but once contract is signed it seems they care less! I had to figure out a living situation the first weekend I was there, due to them calling me while I was driving across the country? This makes no sense, the whole reason I went out early to make the weekend was to get settled. Then they talk about OT and its not there, which you can't guarantee I understand, but don't make promises. They also said they would reimburse for uniforms, but recieved nothingand when I asked the supervisor of my recruiter,he stated we never do that. No consistent communication at all but then throw in when the recruiters text or email you, they"tried" your out there working but your going to be able to take calls and texts, no. Then they never told me or reminded me my temp license would expire a week before my contract was up, it's supposed to last the entirety of your contract,they could've gave me a heads up and I would've paid for it to be done. So they considered it my fault and ending my contract early so they took my travel reimbursement and took close to $500 for housing for the week I want there because of my license. They told me that after review I would be allowed to take another contract, yea no! I worked very hard and do believe I made them look better as a company, many regular staffs asked me to stay longer due to my work ethic. They lost a good one and I've recommended many nurses to previous companies, this isn't my first contract,so I'm aware of more then they think. The sad thing is they talk about how much they care about their nurses but I know I'm working for less then I make home but do it for the experience, they ruined it for me and I know they made money off of me. It's sad,I love what I do and won't let them ruin future endeavours for me. Be smart and do your research before signing anything. They will blame you with no fault to themselves.

by Andresus on Aureus Medical

I want to start off by saying I here people talk about travel agencies and their recruiters, and in all fairness I am not going to say it is the agency itself, as this is my first travel assignment ever. I will go so far as to say that I believe that one's experience is based on the experience they had with the recruiter and not so much with the agency itself. My situation started off really bad from the testing and the drug test. I asked several times if I had to be tested at the site and was told no each time but there was a test. Each facility I believe will give a basic competency exam. Then they have me such a low stipend for housing that I asked them to find it for me because I couldn't find anything for the price they were giving me and even with that it was a disaster. I had to stay in this nasty extended stay and eventually wound up paying ant additional $202. out of pocket for a decent hotel stay.

Then my pay was not right, I was suppose to be on a med surg floor and when I got to the floor it was a step down and they told me I needed to speak to the manager myself.

Then they only have me $100 a month for food. I couldn't eat breakfast lunch and dinner from mac Donald's for that amount of money.

I called my travel coordinator at the facility I was working at and found out that the Aureus was pocketing money I should have received. My contract was extended and of course I did not stay.

My recruiter was bad I am not sure if it was the agency itself, but the thing is as you change states you also change recruiters. I am not sticking around to have the same experience with a different recruiter, I will just have to switch to another agency all together. I am rating them one star because that's the lowest I can go.

If you chose the agency make sure it is based on a recommendation from someone who had the recruiter you are will be using and that the experience was a good one.

by Tammie on Aureus Medical
Great company to work for

Worked under Aureus for 3 years straight now. They have always taken care of me every step of the way, with my housing needs/wants, time off requests, paperwork. I could not be happier with them. Account reps are very personable and helpful with any questions I've had. Recommend them highly.

by Dee on Aureus Medical

They are the worst company- out for themselves - do not have the nurses back- would not work for them if they were the last travel company on earth. Stay away from Richard as a recruiter- does not care about you the traveler. We as nurses need recruiters and companies that will stand up for us and have our backs!!!!

by TRAVELER on Aureus Medical


by Sam on Aureus Medical

BEWARE!!!! This is the most dishonest company I have ever dealt with. I have been a medical traveler for years and will never work with them again. They will cheat, lie, and steal to make a buck and they do not care about the worker at all. This is a high class prostitution ring so please do not get sucked in. The recruiters are the most shady characters who will do anything to get you to sign on the dotted line. DO NOT FALL FOR IT!!!!

by Caitey on Aureus Medical
Travel Nurse

This company is inconsistent and dishonest. They constantly fail to compare your resume and travel desires and experience level to the contracts they are trying to fill. therefore causing you to constantly tell them whether or not you want a job in Nebraska or if you are qualified (the job requires 5 years of experience and you only have 3, for example). AKA, you are doing their job for them. I had various times when my recruiter asked me to manipulate the truth or flat out lie to my managers or landlord for housing. If they are asking me to lie, how often are they lying to me? Their insurance is awful too, don't bother. You switch recruiters every state you travel to, so even if you find the exception within the business of crooks, don't get too excited because it will only be for a brief period of time and who knows who you will get the next time. My friends who went to California had a nightmare with their recruiter.

by Chana on Aureus Medical
Depends on your recruiter

One recruiter for Portland, OR was great. Next recruiter for California job was bad. She lied to me. California Hospital told me they had cancelled the contract. My recruiter told me they did not. Hospital did not orient me & then turned around and said I was incompetent with their EMR. Of course I was since I had no orientation. My 2 days of orientation were with nurses who did not even work in the same dept, nor do the same job & did not show me anything. They grumbled why were they stuck with me. They never reimbursed me for travel or expenses.

by Cindy on Aureus Medical
Love them

I have been with this company for 8 years. Always get what is promised. Pay always correct and on time. Housing is great. Hospitals are always as presented. I would recommend them to anyone.

by Wiser than you think on Aureus Medical
DO NOT USE... You have been warned

If this is the last company to work for... then I will go permanent somewhere. This was the first company I called when I was going to start traveling. I had a wing man who knew the game. He helped me with what is a good contract or what was bad. With Aureus I didn't even need his help to figure it out. They offered me $.50 less than I made as a perm employee with benefits, insurance, etc. She knew I was "new" and assumed I was stupid as well. Poor move.

The most common complaint I hear is how often nurses have been sued by this company. I have heard the stories and the first time I thought it was a fluke. Once you sign it they have you. Assignment sucks.... too bad. They will sue you for the rest of your contract if you decide to leave early.

Horrible pay packages: Is the strategy to underbid on every contract so you get the gig? Then you don't have enough to pay your employees who are actually carrying the pager and getting up at 3am... making you look good. You are part of the problem that is called "race to the bottom"

PDMI reimbursed based on your receipts submitted.

Tax free wages have nothing to do with max allowed by Excuse: "We don't want you to get in trouble with the IRS" BS!!! If my CPA is good with it I am too and you don't give a rat's about anyone getting in trouble.

Lie after lie after lie...

I can't tell you how many recruiting bonuses I have made by pulling people out of this firestorm. It's interesting to hear how former employees speak of the practices of Aureus. You have no souls. Eat it!

Good luck everyone. Negative stars not available

by Tammy Jones on Aureus Medical

This company is awful. Please do not use them. In all my years I have never been so humiliated and left out to HANG with anyone. This company will be nice to you until they have you...the housing is awful....they lie....they do not have your best interest at heart at all. Again they are nice to you until they have you....RUN

by Jean on Aureus Medical

They never told me when I flew to my assignemt as a psych nurse that I would be taking iv tests and calculations working in psych and if I missed 2 out of 20 would have to find my own way home found this from a recruiter that was there with his nure lucky I passed I worked every shift they asked the first hotel was so nasty I insisted they put me up in a better place in wcih they did do that the nicest one I had ever stayed at after my contract had completed the recruiter spoke so mean to me because the manager of the unit hated woman and told them lies on me and other older woman nures there that worked for him! The staff kept me going very nice and supportive even throwing me a fairwell party with food and gifts they were the reason I kept my wits about me now if only the staff at Aureus spoke and treated me as nice I would have resigned but never again and with theri lies and deceit I am still surprised they are around oh and the lowest pay assignemnt I ever received in traveling which is on the east cost where everything is 2x ore expensive than the midwest and I was making less than a midwest permanent nurse made at the time well fool me once shame on them fool me twice shame on me. I learned.

by Erik Rogers on Aureus Medical
Good experience so far

This was my first travel assignment and I feel it went great. My recruiter was there whenever I need him and always reached out if I missed a punch on the time clock. Was always making sure that I was doing ok and that things were running smoothly. Got paid on time every week and all my travel expenses and reimbursements for Connecticut license was on first check. The insurance is ok but I am probably going to get my own. Only gripe I have at this point is they do not offer a lot of contracts in NYC, and that is where I want to head next. I am currently on my 2nd assignment with them. First was in Stamford, CT and 2nd is Harker Heights, TX. I recommend them but make sure things are in writing and spelled out.

by Mr. Peanut on Aureus Medical
Peanuts for pay

These people need to be out of business. Their business practices, low pay, no insurance, promises not kept, lying, slander, intimidation tactics, changed contracts. Blows my mind how they can keep in business when they are dealing with trained professionals. Where I am from, we call this chicken poop. My grading of them is less then zero. Way less, like a wind chill in 40 degree zero. Watch out for Penny, she would sell her soul to the devil for a contract and never lose a wink of sleep.

by Cyndie Willhoit on Aureus Medical

They are the worst, lie after lie, absolutely the worst. My travel experience with them was a nightmare, lost my job had to be out in 24 hours, total chaos. The job was totally not what was it was supposed to be no help from my recruiter, Aureus just lets you hang, I would agree RUN,,,,,

So disappointed

I thought my first assignment (was there a year) was wonderful and up until recently that is what I would report. But in reality the facility and town I was in was wonderful not Aureus.
The second assignment was a light bulb going off in my head. I read the negative reviews below and can testify to each of those situations.
I returned to the first work sight because of the facility not because of foundness of Aureus and I am so glad I did. I recently discovered they are not paying us correctly. I have a hourly wage then another amount for holiday and call-in. Well if you work over 40 hours you should get time and half, even if that is a holiday or call-in. What they are doing is not considering the call-in pay or holidays when configuring the the overtime, nor paying time and half of the call-in & holidays if your already at 40+ hours. Look at your pay stubs and notify your wage and hour for the state you worked in, I am just as soon as the assignment is over.
ps they record all conversations, so if they lie to you, ask them to pull the recording.

by Jay on Aureus Medical
First Travel Contract

I had a good experience with Aureus Medical Group. They got me my first travel assignment near Las Vegas, Nevada. The housing they provided was very adequate. They came through on their promise to reimburse travel expenses. My recruiter was thorough, timely, and personable. I would have liked to stay at the hospital in which in was working a little longer.

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